Special parts in quartz

Special parts

Ventilated façades and special components

To complete its range and take part in projects embodying global quality, Stone Italiana supplies specially-shaped parts, such as edge profiles (full bullnose, quarter round, ogee edging, bevelled edges, etc.) and special pieces made to order such as stairway treads and risers, slab sizes personalized according to support frame dimensions, computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) waterjet cutting, customized surface finishes (sublimation, micro 3D, etc.) and anti-slip treatments. For designers, Stone Italiana is the right partner with which to develop and implement their ideas, benefiting from the professional expertise of the internal technical office and the research laboratory.  

Ventilated façades

The ventilated façade is a construction system consisting of a cladding attached to a building by means of a special structure of mechanical anchors and an insulating layer applied directly to the vertical load-bearing structure. Between the cladding and the insulation layer there is an air chamber that should be at least 3 cm in width, creating the so-called “stack effect” that activates an efficient natural ventilation, providing notable advantages for the entire building. In the “ventilated wall” system, Stone Italiana panels are ideal for the exterior cladding because their characteristics comprise reduced thickness, resistance to accidental impact, expansion, water, wind action, fire and the deterioration caused by atmospheric elements. They are also easily machined across their entire thickness and on the edges, essential requirements for attaching the cladding to the supporting structure behind it. The application techniques utilised for Stone Italiana’s cladding include mechanical fastening devices that ensure its static stability and compensate for any irregularities of the underlying façade wall by means of a bracket mounting system. Stone Italiana contributes to the executive design by providing precise and detailed drawings of the cladding panels, fixed to a special framework by means of the appropriate fastening systems.
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