Valuable by nature

We seek and create beauty, giving shape to all sorts of dreams.

To do this, we have chosen one of the most widespread, highest-performance minerals in nature: quartz.

Its special texture conserves the secret of our products’ durability:

expertly combined with resin, engineered quartz by Stone Italiana retains the essence of this mineral, preserving the material’s characteristics and its ability to last over the course of time.

With high levels of resistance to scratches, stains and impacts, it ensures elevated standards of hygiene, in addition to its familiar ease of care and cleaning.

Starting from a range of colors that is in itself naturally varied and sophisticated, Stone Italiana conducts experimental research in order to create innovative hues and customized granulometries, in cutting-edge solutions meeting all sorts of different design requirements, utilising a sustainable manufacturing process.


Exclusive compositions and nuances

A range of original surfaces, unique in their field, giving Stone Italiana its powerful identity. Exclusive compositions and shades derived from constant, original work in the area of research & development, offering the world of architecture and design solutions that are a world apart from the rest. The Stone Italiana quartz has distinctive features, both technical and visual, introducing striking details made possible by the manufacturing plant's unusual, unique configuration.

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