About us


Committed to excellence since 1979

Stone Italiana was founded in 1979 through the brilliant and far-sighted intuition of Roberto Dalla Valle who, after having left the lithographic printing company that he owned, decided to embark on a new adventure in the field of interior cladding products. He was driven by enthusiasm, curiosity and determination, as well as by his innate entrepreneurial flair. He wanted to lay the foundations for a revolutionary approach to interior design: at that moment he could never have imagined that his products would become a fundamental part of some of the most famous architectural projects in the world.

With the aim of introducing a new material into the interior design landscape, Stone Italiana initially offered industrially-produced marble as an alternative to the natural materials existing on the market. It was the first company in the world to apply this technology, manufacturing engineered marble and, later, quartz.

Over the years the company has changed the way in which stone materials are perceived and used, rediscovering the uniqueness, inimitability and variety that can only be found in nature.

Today Stone Italiana is first and foremost an expression of excellence, Made in Italy. An ambassador for Italian creativity the world over, it offers architects, designers and marble artisans range of products based on marble or quartz, with infinite colour options and elements that enhance the raw material, giving it even greater sophistication and value, along with a complete arsenal of the highest technical specifications.

To quote the company founder, โ€œWe all have skill and imagination, all it takes is effort“, Stone Italiana performs incessant research activities in all its manufacturing sectors.

From the range of surface finishes to the enhancement of product performance, not forgetting attention to topical trends, everything is subjected to research, benefiting from technical equipment which, though highly sophisticated, never loses the magical touch of an artisanal workshop.

Our history

A path of ongoing progress

Research, innovation, development: our story is made of passion, with a healthy pinch of crazy creativity that has led us to explore new ways of thinking and designing.
All this is depicted in paintings by Giovanni Motta who has portrayed our route through history in the form of contemporary art. By means of highlights, cutting-edge materials, important events and partnerships, Stone Italiana’s history takes shape through a blend of colors and emotions.