Cutting-edge performance

Stone Italiana’s quartz is based on a true story. And the story is that of nature around us, in a constant cycle of rebirth and evolution, giving mankind a wealth of material treasures. Stone Italiana captures the essence of quartz, one of the minerals with the highest performance, and it takes it even further by means of state-of-the-art plant that further improves its performance, creating surfaces capable of meeting the demands of contemporary architecture. This is how Stone Italiana’s slabs of engineered quartz are made, durable, reliable and aesthetically unique. Scratch, stain and impact-resistant, Stone quartz is not at all porous, and so it offers a natural barrier to infiltration by liquids, food products and bacteria. As a result, its surfaces are highly hygienic, and ensure very easy maintenance and cleaning. By means of incessant research on materials and experimentation on color, texture and granulometry, Stone Italiana lays the foundations for a range of notable distinction in the interior design landscape. Entirely manufactured in Italy and reflecting a corporate approach of environmental sustainability, Stone quartz is used to clad floors, walls, kitchen tops, vanity tops, stairs and furnishing accessories.


The added values of Stone quartz





Strength and workability

Known as being one of the hardest minerals in nature, quartz is the secret behind the power of Stone surfaces. Its specific texture gives it a high resistance to shock, scratches and cracks, characteristics that are essential for interiors used in everyday life. Offering high performance during processing, it minimizes the possibility of fracture and enables daring configurations to be attained.

The password is cleaning

The zero porosity of engineered quartz prevents dirt and chemicals from penetrating the material and ensures that bacteria cannot colonize the surface. The result is an interior that is easy to clean and resistant to even the most obstinate bacteria and stains. Stone Italiana materials have also obtained NSF/ANSI Std. 51 FOOD ZONE quality mark, certifying its suitability for contact with foods.

Customized environments

Stone Italiana focuses on research on all parts of production, from the range of finishes to enhancing product performance. It is committed to increasing mechanical strength, reducing slab thickness and weight, trying out innovative colors and textures and researching bespoke mixes and granulometry, for customized quartz slabs that meet the specific technical and visual requirements of the spaces in which they are installed.



In addition to Gloss and matt Grain 2.0 surfaces, Stone Italiana offers two other exclusive finishes. These are Rocface and Rocplan: the former is original and unique, while the latter has a homogenous structure. 

Rocface creates irregular and wavy surfaces, generated by the forces acting on the protective paper enclosing the quartz slabs during the pressing process. The resulting slabs are “dynamic”, each different from the others. Rocplan,   a new product recently introduced on the market, is a finish recalling traditional stone sandblasting, but using a highly technological process that ensures color anabsorption and tonalization.

Sides and edging

Stone quartz enables not only any side and edging finish as for a natural marble, but much more as well! The material’s flexibility prevents edge chipping and breakage, and ensures uniformity throughout the material’s thickness, revealing the same color on the surface and inside the slab, in addition to through-body veining and the inclusion of inserts. A straight edge, a top quarter round , a half bevel, a double quarter round, all display the product in its entirety.

Slab sizes and thicknesses

Various sizes and thicknesses best suited to specific uses. Stone Italiana offerstwo slab sizes: 144×307 cm, and 125×125 cm for flooring. Thickness varies from 1 cm to 3 cm according to slab size and mode of use.