Quartz floors

QUARTZ floors

Quartz slabs
for interior and access floors

Floors are not just solid surfaces on which to walk: in fact they play an important part in architectural language. The materials, style and color of a floor help define the character of our interiors and our everyday lives. Stone Italiana quartz floors, made using slabs  designed to improve and surpass the performance of natural stone, are now chosen all over the world for their excellent physical and mechanical specifications, in addition to their distinctive appearance, the result of constant experimentation on colors and granulometry. Durable and tough, hygienic and easy to clean, quartz floor slabs have a wide range of textures and finishes in flooring sizes, up to 120×120 cm. Stone Italiana’s quartz products also meet the demands typical of work environments such as banks, offices and retail spaces, in which access floors can be installed for maximum versatility in the positioning of all types of equipment.  Stone Italiana’s access floors comprise modular access panels, supported by pedestals with adjustable feet.
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