Académie de Coiffure, Paris


Superwhite 13 quartz floor cladding for the beauty care sector

Quartz floor cladding from the Micro+ collection was chosen for the open-space interiors of the prestigious Académie de Coiffure in Paris, where the hair stylists of the future and professionals of consolidated success receive high-level training and updates on the latest techniques in beauty care and aesthetics.

The colour selected was Superwhite 13, a white with a plain colour effect, a distinctive feature of the Micro+ collection. This collection is made using Stonit engineered quartz technology, hallmarked by the very fine grain and solid colour.

The Gloss surface finish applied to the quartz floors is enhanced by the soft lighting of this fluid, highly conceptual space.

The architectural design is based on contrasts generated by the surfaces and cladding materials in the welcome area, so that its appearance is expressed by the materials and the ambient light, along with the objets d’art and the designer pieces inside the Académie.

The sense of spatial flux is heightened by the uniformity of the Stone Italiana quartz used for the flooring, by means of its Superwhite 13 colour which blends harmoniously with the backdrop of walls and ceilings, all painted white.

The desired effect is that of an envelope of powerful emotional impact, created by the patterns of light in the white space. In addition, the setting is very easy to clean, a desirable characteristic considering the nature of the products used and tested in the training courses.

Stone Italiana ‘s engineered quartz slabs are durable, reliable and aesthetically unique. Superlative anti-stain performance gives the range of Stone Italiana products a high resistance to acids and other substances used in cosmetics. These characteristics are essential for spaces in which the professionals and students at the French Academy work.


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Company in the beauty industry








Company in the beauty industry

Design Studio

Didier Gomes

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Quartz floors, stairs, specialist products


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