New Olympus headquarters in Hamburg


A manifesto of sustainable innovation

In the beating heart of Hamburg, the new Olympus headquarters is not only an architectural landmark, but also a manifesto of sustainable innovation. Designed to house over 1,200 employees from the German division and the EMEA area, this building offers a stimulating working environment, spread over 11 floors and 35,000 square meters in the Hammerbrook district.

The interior concept (curated by JOI Design and winner of numerous international awards) represents a milestone in office design, adopting approaches typical of hospitality space design to find creative solutions that can adapt to the constantly changing needs of work spaces of the future.

The philosophy behind the interior design focuses on the effectiveness of personal interaction and on the belief that the office represents the ideal place to collaborate and find solutions by exploiting a cutting-edge context, with a design oriented towards enhancing capabilities and to the well-being of the work team, even in convivial spaces.

The Superwhite 13 surfaces by Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana was chosen to supply the quartz surfaces in the Superwhite 13 color with Gloss finish, applied in the stairs and floors of the new Olympus headquarters.

A choice is not random: Stone Italiana’s quartz, known for its exceptional resistance characteristics and very high hygiene performance, is ideal for environments such as the offices of large companies, where frequent cleaning is essential. Due to its composition, the material is inhospitable to mold and bacteria, thus ensuring a healthier and safer workspace for everyone.

The design of the Olympus offices, which enhances autonomy and freedom but at the same time community participation, creativity and self-realization, finds the perfect complement in the white of Superwhite 13. The clear and resistant surfaces help to reflect natural light, amplifying the feeling of openness and transparency that characterizes the entire project. Furthermore, the clean and modern aesthetic, characteristic of Stone Italiana products, aligns harmoniously with the minimalist approach of the offices, inspired by contemporary Japanese style, emphasizing the effects of light and transparency which are key themes of the interior concept.

The color Superwhite 13 will be included in the Cosmolite Supernova production starting from 2024 with the new name Superbianco SNV.

Supernova is the collection made with selected pure raw materials and a residue equal to or less than 5% crystalline silica; its more technical characteristics of performance and resistance are accompanied by colors with a unique aesthetic result, and a strong orientation towards the well-being of the community and the environment.

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