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Stone quartz for luxury leather goods

Maison Longchamp has been synonymous with artisanal expertise since 1948.

From Paris to global distribution, expert and patient leather crafting is performed using ingenious techniques to express personality, emotion and experience with each and every product.

This heritage of manual production is now a distinctive mark of quality in luxury leather goods, something that also emerges from the shopping experience at Longchamp stores.

It was precisely in Longchamp boutiques that a cooperation with the excellence of Stone Italiana quartz technology began, cladding the stores’ luxurious floors with a Custom solution combining appearance, performance and technology for high footfall retail spaces.

In luxury boutiques, flooring, wall coverings and furnishings play an important role in conveying the shopping experience, hallmarked by a powerful emotional component.

To attain this objective, Stone Italiana worked directly with the corporate department involved with brand image in stores, the Longchamp International Architecture Department.

The result? A luxurious, welcoming, high-performance dimension of quality. The Custom collection of quartz slabs in the Stonit+ range is made in a cream-coloured shade with a Gloss finish, which enhances the boutique’s lighting and highlights the rich hues of bags, luggage and leather accessories.

This visual effect is the result of ongoing research into materials and experimentation on colour, texture and grain size, an approach that denotes Stone Italiana’s stylistic signature and lays the foundations for a design concept for quartz floor and wall coverings capable of offering outstanding performance in a range of applications.

Retail premises such as luxury boutiques require solutions capable of combining appearance and style, a goal achieved through the high technical performance of Stone Italiana quartz slabs.

Using versatile, safe materials in line with current trends, the luxurious floors created utilising Stone Italiana’s technology offer a distinctive presence, with sophistication and high performance, and no compromise on style.


Project features


Quartz, Stonit+

Destination of use

Trade, retail









Design Studio

Longchamp International Architecture Department

Contract details

Luxury flooring, Quartz slabs, Luxury interior flooring


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