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Cosmolite®‍ is our durable, sustainable and design kitchen top!

It doesn’t chip, scratch or stain, it is hygienically tested therefore suitable for contact with food. You can choose among 26 available colours to create the complete total look of your kitchen in Cosmolite® made of 100% recycled minerals!

Cosmolite® is a project based on hi-tech slabs formulated to offer new realms of visual identity and content for the design world.

Consisting entirely of inert materials differing to quartz and deriving from pre-consumer recycling, these surfaces offer a unique visual effect and perfect workability, in addition to high levels of hygiene.

This new, intriguing material is capable of reducing environmental impact and contributing to industrial renewal. While Cosmolite® enhances and ennobles recycled products, launching them in a new production process, it also offers an exclusive “quartz-free” formula, in compliance with sustainable architecture.

Made in 6 different collections, these slabs are ideal for all those extensive surfaces in which a powerful environmental sensitivity can be perceived.

Do you want to have your kitchen top in Cosmolite®?

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Materia Nuova

COSMO, a distinctive range for interiors of great personality. With its original “speckled” texture, Cosmo evokes the magic of the universe, with the galaxies and the Milky Way. The first product in the Cosmolite lines, it is ideal for people whose uniqueness is the essence of their style. METEOR, four pale, natural shades that recreate a stone effect. From Dark to the most evanescent Light, Meteor clads interiors with elegance and timeless charm. PLANET, turn your gaze up to the sky on a summer's night and use your imagination: this could be sufficient to explain the visual fascination of Planet, traditional and nuanced. Its details conceal the secret of a design approach that is always contemporary. With K-STAR, Cosmolite welcomes grit and expands its range in terms of visual appearance and colour by presenting, amongst other variants, the very contemporary Stargreen shade. VENANTIS is characterized by thin through veins that run all over the surface giving continuity to the design and aesthetics to the final product.

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