Stone Italiana for Café Pushkin


Timeless nineteenth-century magic in Paris

“Café Pushkin” is without doubt one of the finest and best-loved cafés in Paris, and one of the best boutique patisseries of the city.

Inside, customers can enjoy Russian culinary traditions and experience 19th century aristocratic magic. Its lavish, elegant halls, sophisticated furnishings and large windows make this venue an ideal location for enjoying pleasant moments of conviviality and relaxation.

Even though its style takes us over 100 years back in time, Café Pushkin – Vitrine AMC was created only in 2015, to a design by the famous Russian artist and restaurateur Andrey Dellos.

Stonit quartz by Stone Italiana was chosen for the bar countertop inside the venue, with the installation of a bespoke metallized product, in the color Acciaio gloss (gloss steel) made with particles of metallic silicon. It represents a remarkable blend for this quartz product, combining the timeless elegance of the 19th-century patisserie atmosphere with a modern look that expresses the fine appearance and high levels of performance of Stone Italiana’s products.

Stone Italiana slabs for worksurfaces, quartz kitchen worktops, or display units for food products are necessarily hallmarked by strength, easy maintenance and hygiene, characteristics that are essential for surfaces that are constantly in contact with foods and regularly cleaned with detergent products, as in the case of the quartz worktop installed in this pastry-shop.

By means of ongoing research on materials, and experimentation on colors, textures and granulometric specifications, Stone Italiana enhances the elemental qualities of one of the most prestigious minerals, quartz, improving it using state-of-the-art technological equipment that heightens its performance, giving rise to surfaces that meet the demands of modern architecture for retail venues.


Project features


Quartz, Stonit

Destination of use

Shop, pastryshop









Design Studio

Andrey Dellos

Contract details

Countertop, display top


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