Floors, stairs and bathroom vanity tops for Siège INPI


A modern and versatile choice using the Classic collection

The very modern head office of INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Intérieure) is located in Courbevoie, in the suburbs just outside Paris. Opened in July 2013, the Institute has a very low energy consumption: in fact it was one of the first positive energy office buildings in France.

As stated by Thierry Morin (President of the Board of Directors of INPI) at the inauguration, “this is a very modern, experimental building”. Using the sensors placed outside the building, the wooden shutters change their inclination according to the direction of sunlight, and the retractable roof (positioned over the inner garden) opens every time the temperature exceeds 18°C outside and 28°C inside.

Inside, its timber structure encloses large, bright spaces which comprise, in addition to the reference room, the patents center and the library, an exhibition area, an Auditorium, meeting rooms, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a gym and a Zen area. At the center of the building is its green heart, an interior garden with oranges, lemons, pomegranates, bananas and tropical flowers. It is a location designed for the wellness of its occupants. In fact, here every day, as many as 450-500 employees can relax in comfort during break times.

For the INPI head office, Stone Italiana made the quartz flooring, the staircases and the bathroom vanity tops using Stonit quartz from the Classic collection.

The building’s public spaces were clad in pure white, using the Virgo color, in Grain finish (with slabs in 60×60 format in addition to specially-shaped elements), combining the versatility and modernity that hallmark Stone Italiana’s technological innovation in processing materials.

The Classic line comprises the production of basic quartz slabs in neutral colors. The overall effect achieved is exceptional: the excellent technical properties (strength and versatility) of thequartz slabs used embody all the beauty and brightness of Virgo white, guaranteeing the best possible performance and visual appearance.

Collections by Stone Italiana guarantee excellent technical performance for interiors with high footfall (such as the floors and stair steps in office buildings), and they offer a hygienic and easily-cleaned material when used ifor quartz bathroom vanity tops. Reflecting constant research on materials and the most advanced applied technology, Stone Italiana quartz is manufactured with careful attention to sustainable production processes. For this reason it is ideal for use in architectural designs intending to reduce environmental impact and improve wellness in living and working spaces.


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Public, offices


Courbevoie, Paris







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Parallel Architecture Intérieure

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Flooring, stairs, vanity top


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