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Vanity top, kitchen and bar featuring KStone and Micro quartz

Modern, sustainable and very chic. Valsana Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland, offers its guests a full immersion in nature, welcoming them with luxury rooms furnished in modern style, or in mini-apartments complete with independent kitchen.

A boutique hotel set in the authentic landscape of the Grison mountains, the venue has received “Green Globe” certification of its eco-sustainability for its accommodation facilities: the supplier chosen for the bathroom vanity top, quartz kitchen worktop and the bar counter could only be Stone Italiana, a company for which the combination of aesthetics and environmental sustainability has been part of its manufacturing approach from when it was founded.

The KStone collection, made in Stonit+ quartz, was used to clad the surfaces of the bathroom interiors and for the extensive bar counter.

KStone is the collection of engineered quartz slabs whose design reflects the appearance and colors of natural marble. Stone Italiana reinterprets the natural material without imitating it, creating a unique product with uniform characteristics and performance, in which every slab is unique for colors and veining pattern.

The bathroom vanity tops installed in the guestroom bath space were chosen in the KSpace color with Grain finish, an intense shade that provides a contemporary look by means of its texture with ever-different hues.

Stone Italiana was involved in the creation of the bar counter, for which the KStone collection was also used, in the color KArt Gloss. The atmosphere that welcomes guests to the bar after a day spent on the snow is eclectic. The furnishings are rich in color contrasts: the gilded stools enhance the dark tone of the bar counter clad in KArt Gloss, in bronze and black shades.

The kitchen area of the apartments used by guests are heightened by the worktop in Taupe Gloss, a color from the Micro collection. Made with Stonit quartz,, Micro’s name comes from the product’s granulometry, with a finer texture when compared to other Stone Italiana quartz surfaces. The use of this product in the mini-apartments gives the interiors a sophisticated style, while ensuring high standards of appearance, durability and hygiene for the kitchen tops.

Like all Stone Italiana products, slabs in Micro quartz have obtained NSF/ANSI Std.51 FOOD ZONE certification,guaranteeing suitability for contact with foods.


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