Walter de Silva display


Stone Italiana quartz displaying the footwear collection

Bespoke design in Stonit+ quartz for international designer Walter de Silva: with the Yuta collection, Stone Italiana raises the bar for the technical performance and appearance of its engineered quartz slabs, introducing unusual details, finish and textures for truly special interior design projects.

The Yuta collection, made by applying a special textile die-pressing technique to the mix, was installed in the temporary showroom in Milan for the evening shoes created by the designer.

The quartz top was used for the display shelves for these luxury shoes, and it was inspired by the tactile and visual sensations of jute, a fabric that has a naturally distinctive texture.

Stonit+ quartz slabs can be used in high-profile sales and display areas to enhance the interior design of boutiques and other spaces, suggesting an all-round luxury shopping experience starting from product excellence, right through to the showroom’s furnishing scheme.

The collaboration between designer Walter de Silva and Stone Italiana was launched to create designs hallmarked by a powerful instinct for innovation,revealing the company’s quest for research and development: a characteristic that takes form in the creation of original colors and textures, and bespoke granulometric compositions, for personalized quartz slabs meeting the specific technical and visual needs expressed by architects, furnishing specialists and designers.

Walter de Silva also put his signature onto one of the designer tables presented by Stone Italiana at the Milan Fuorisalone show, in addition to the eclectic TETI vases, entirely made with the green Cosmolite collection named Materia Nuova (New Material), right through to the design of a limited edition luxury shoe model inspired by the Craken collection.


Project features


Quartz, Stonit+

Destination of use

Walter De Silva's Temporary Showroom in Milan, at Grand Hotel Et De Milan








Walter De Silva

Design Studio

Stone Italiana

Contract details

Display units, bespoke jute-effect product - Hindi color


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