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Four interpretations of quartz

At the 2018 Salone del Mobile (Milan Furniture Show), Stone Italiana presented a new release of its “Prospettiva Stone” (Stone Perspective), a tangible reflection on quartz’s expressive potential. The company gave three designers and an architecture studio, coordinated by Lorenzo Palmeri, the task of interpreting quartz to create heterogeneous projects, differing in form, function and style.

A single overall themethe creation of a table– provides the opportunity to compare different slabs and design motifs. This gives rise to a “divergent” perspective, which can be considered as the ideal expression of Stone Italiana’s multi-faceted vocation. Quartz, in itself a valuable cladding material, becomes the perfect medium for furniture units with varying tactile, chromatic and structural qualities, giving rise to new ideas for the interpretation of the surface.

Elena Salmistraro created Astro, a clean and elegant table that, with its forms and a top made using the brand-new Terrazzo Collection, speaks a markedly cosmological language; and Trama, a personal and feminine interpretation of quartz, in which the sophisticated juxtaposition of different colours and tribal echoes is highlighted by the surfaces’ high gloss finish.

Designer Walter De Silva, with Mario Antonioli – fascinated by Stone Italiana’s Craken – imagined Zoe, an occasional table with cleanly-defined, geometric lines, in which strength and dynamism, lightness and solidity are expertly combined.

Work in cooperation with Studio Park Associati, with its distinctive design and architectural approach, gave rise to Tavolino, a project in which discreet solidity, balanced forms and a cruciform intersection create a disciplined motif hallmarking any interior.

Lorenzo Palmeri – curator of the “Prospettiva” – created Fontana, an original side table that offers a concise demonstration of some of the ground-breaking possibilities of engineered quartz, no longer manufactured exclusively in slabs, but also by the pour-moulding process, the only example of its type, created by means of Stone Italiana’s research into raw materials and technology.


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