Beautiful, virtuous, Cosmolite®: the environmentally responsible kitchen


The ecological and sustainable kitchen with high-tech slabs made of green material

There exists a pairing so perfect and so dear to the ancient Greeks that in the single expression kalòs kai agathòs encompasses two pure ideals: that of the beautiful and that of the virtuous. While the Hellenic people used the term to describe a virtuous person, nowadays it could be used in reference to the culture of living: living beautiful, living good. Which is particularly possible if the choice of a modern, stylish, and original aesthetic is combined with a preference for materials that are intrinsically healthy for people and the environment for furniture that makes the kitchen sustainable.

This is the case, for example, of a private residence in the heart of Vicenza, designed to carry out a simple but far from obvious intention: to test architecture and furnishings for a sustainable kitchen, without sacrificing aesthetic harmony. Located within a CasaClima Gold energy-certified building, which identifies the highest degree of energy saving, the heart of the green philosophy adopted with this home lies in the kitchen.

The result of painstaking research by architect Elisabetta Scapin (Scapin Pietro SNC, renowned for their kitchen worktops for over 40 years) to optimise available space, the kitchen responds, in all its elements, to the principles of conviviality and functionality. The alcoved sink area forms the backdrop to a large central island, the setting for culinary creations. Both made of the same material: Cosmolite®, Stone Italiana’s Materia Nuova, these high-tech slabs – made of 100% pre-consumer recycled minerals – are the ultimate expression of the company’s philosophy of  innovative and increasingly sustainable production.

With five collections and an extensive colour palette, Cosmolite® will enrich the designs of anyone looking to create an elegant, environmentally sustainable, and technically functional kitchen. The slabs, in fact, are durable and resistant to knocks, scratches, and abrasions, as well as thermal shock. Hygienically tested and easy to clean, Cosmolite® tops are stainproof and odourproof: they are ideal for those who love to share convivial moments in the kitchen or around the island without worrying about the dirt generated. The sophisticated mood of a Cosmolite® kitchen does not make its protagonists static, but rather becomes the stage for their stories, a favourite space in which to move freely.

NFS certification also proves their suitability for food contact.

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Convenience and ease of cleaning thanks to Meteor Cosmolite® slabs

Shown here in the Meteor Light shade from the Meteor collection and in the GRAIN 2.0 matt finish, the island and washing area tops dialogue with the other materials in a reciprocal exchange that breaks out of traditional shapes and patterns. The 2 cm full-body doors of the island, hollowed out in the central part with a special numerically controlled machining to make them light as per the industry standard, are made of the same material.

The Cosmolite® aesthetic also extends to the table, which is crafted from Meteor Dark – the darkest shade in the Meteor collection – with a GRAIN 2.0 finish. A large and modern oval surface, a true invitation to conviviality.

And why waste time washing tablecloths, when you can eat directly on the table by wiping it easily, armed only with neutral detergent and a paper towel?

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