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The K-Star project for Var Solution: the aesthetics of nature and sustainability, offered by Cosmolite®

Functional, elegant, and sustainable, residential kitchen designs embrace up-to-the-minute trends in architecture alongside the comfort and health-conscious choices that are essential in a living space. A residential design in Tetti Rolle, in the Italian province of Turin, where nature takes centre stage. As you can see, everything – from the choice of materials and colours to the arrangement of the furnishings – seems to fall within this rationale.

The kitchen worktop and the top of the multifunctional island are both crafted from  a material with unique properties, an innovative design, and very high impact resistance and hygiene standards (including protection against mould, mildew, and bacteria, with NSF/ANSI Std.51 FOOD ZONE certification).

The material in question is Cosmolite®, the New, environmentally sustainable Material from Stone Italiana, which is available in the K-Star collection, in this case in the Stargreen shade with the Rocplan 2.0 finish. This sustainable design solution (the slabs are made of 100% pre-consumer mineral aggregates) was chosen by Turin-based construction and renovations firm Var Solution to bring nature and freshness to this kitchen interior. This overall concept was greatly enabled by the presence of a panoramic window located right above the worktop and the carefully chosen colour palette, ranging from grey to sage green, with a sprinkling of glamorous black accents (especially in the kitchen appliances).

Located in the centre of the kitchen, the multifunctional island forms the heart of the entire design, offering storage space combined with a place to cook and a counter-height table for socialising or dining with friends and family.

The island, which is topped with simply Cosmolite®, features an induction hob fitted flush with the worktop and a chest of drawers located conveniently underneath the hob, to make movement easier and ensure everything you need is within hand’s reach. On the opposite side of the island, two stools placed in front of the window offer those seated a view directly overlooking the beautiful Turin countryside.

Nature and greenery maintain a central role in the design through the distinctive grainy texture of the surface, which is slightly more prominent than in the other collections and blends seamlessly with the contemporary style of the kitchen. The unpredictable patterns and unexpected shading capture the essence of the natural element from which the collection draws inspiration, the starry sky.

The difference lies entirely in the attention to detail, creating beauty normally only found in nature. The texture offered by the top’s Rocplan 2.0 finish makes touching the surface a unique tactile experience.


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