Cosmolite® countertop for the ergonomic kitchen by Calosso Design Solution


Cosmolite® Kitchen Countertop

To craft the multifunctional countertop for this new spacious kitchen island, Calosso Design Solution chose the iconic “blotch” pattern of Cosmo. The “U” or “horseshoe” shaped countertop, featuring three sides all the same size, is mounted on the kitchen island at the front, separate from the steel organiser wall. Taking centre stage in the kitchen, its star-like quality makes it an iconic presence in the performance that is interior design.

The “U” layout is an interesting design solution for both large kitchens and to optimise smaller spaces. In this setting, the practical and functional elements of the culinary arts seamlessly coexist within the same space, allowing total freedom of movement within the embracing contours of the “U”-shaped Cosmolite® top, while also preserving the convivial and sociable aspect typical of the kitchen.

Each side serves a distinct purpose, from food preparation and washing (sink side),  to cooking (induction hob side) and eating, with outer side acting as table when combined with high stools. The U shape facilitates ergonomic arrangement of furniture, countertops, and utensils, and creates ample room for movement both within and around the central island.

The COSMO collection, with its distinctive “blotch” pattern and the Gloss finish embracing the island’s surface, delivers a unique contemporary slant on the kitchen setting. Its distinctive pattern complements the matte lacquered bases in the Nuve shade, the Orione grey PET columns, and the integrated door pulls.

This design choice offers both outstanding aesthetics and functional performance. The exceptional technical properties of the surfacing – stemming from Stone Italiana’s exclusive research into materials and advanced applied technologies – render the slabs exceptionally resistant to scratches, stains, mould, and bacteria. 

The inclusion of practical elements on the central island, such as the induction hob and the flush-mounted stainless steel sink and fixtures, amplifies the modern ambiance of the design. 

The result? The perfect synthesis of elegance, sustainability, and innovation.

For over 100 years, CALOSSO Srl furniture makers have been providing bespoke furnishing solutions of the utmost quality and innovation within their showrooms in Saluzzo (CN), crafting sophisticated, prestigious interiors.


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