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Terrazzo project for Lomi House

Lomi House is a co-living project in the heart of Turin that offers an opportunity for networking, co-working and friendship in a uniquely stimulating multicultural environment As Alejandro De Ben (co-founder of Lomi House) in said an interview for Stone Italiana:

“We’ve created a space in which everyone comes together meet other people and share experiences.”

Having carefully analyzed and interpreted the residential needs of the space, the Chave 1890interior design team decided to use high-performance materials that could perfectly combine refined esthetics and practicality. And this is precisely what they did for the multi-purpose island and kitchen worktop they chose for Lomi House. For this particular project, they used Stone Italiana slabs from the Terrazzo collection in Green. A unique material with extraordinary technical properties that make the surface hardwearing, hygienic and easy to clean (like all Stone Italiana materials, Terrazzo quartz is certified NSF/ANSI Std. 51 FOOD ZONE, guaranteeing safety in contact with food).

The material’s technical properties are also highlighted in the words of Andrea Sacco, the owner of Chave 1890:

The choice of a Stone Italiana worktop, in this case in green Terrazzo, non-absorbent and easy to clean, was very important. […] it’s a solution that also gave excellent results (in technical terms) during events held with chefs, where it was much appreciated, both by the professionals and their teams, and by participants in the course.”

A tribute to the beauty of these prestigious marble grit surfaces, typical of Venetian homes and distinguished by their irregular pattern: the surfaces of the Terrazzo collection blend perfectly with the modern style of the project.

The kitchen at Lomi House, created by Elmar Cucine, has a lot to say for itself: every single element and material enhances comfort and conviviality, with the aim of improving connections between the house’s inhabitants. An original design concept that aims to bring all the traditional warmth into the most frequently used room in the house. In the words of Ebru Bakkaloglu (architect at Chave 1890):

“Designing a shared kitchen in a co-living house was very interesting for our team. We knew that the distinctive feature of the space was the outside terrace, so we wanted to bring some terrazzo into the kitchen too. That’s why we chose Terrazzo Green by Stone Italiana, and green became the project’s main color.

The island is actually more than just a worktop – with an induction hob, a sink and a useful drawer unit to simplify use – it’s also a counter for socializing and sharing time with fellow residents.

Find out more about the Lomi House project in the video interview.


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