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Stone Italiana kitchen worktop: practical, versatile, sustainable

In the heart of Berkshire, a county steeped in history and culture to the west of London, there’s a private home that embodies the perfect fusion between innovation, design and personality. This residential project, curated by Elementi Cucina, is a landmark in the creative and functional use of space.

The open-plan kitchen features dedicated areas for food preparation, socializing and entertainment, replacing the previous Shaker-style kitchen with a unique contemporary solution. This transformation has resulted in a space that reflects the personality and lifestyle of its owners, partly thanks to a careful choice of materials and colors.

The color palette chosen consists of gray and burnished gold shades, which add a touch of elegance and refinement.

For the owners, who are passionate foodies, it was crucial that the kitchen was not only esthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances that are the perfect fit with the Stone Italiana Made in Italy worktop. At the heart of this project is the worktop and large central island in the color Luna and Rocface 2.0 finish.

“The choice met the needs of the client, who wanted to combine visual impact and practicality, but it also added a feeling of depth and serenity to the space”, explains senior interior designer Adelise Morgan-Scully of Elementi Cucina. “The delicate and neutral Luna shade, in particular, proved the perfect accompaniment to the other materials used, creating a visual and tactile balance that elevates the whole design”.

Bronze-colored accents (details of wall units with antique finish, modern taps and handles) complete the design, lending a distinctive final touch that’s consistent with the overall style of the house.

This project demonstrates that through its use of innovative and sustainable materials, Stone Italiana can turn creative vision into tangible reality, enhancing living spaces with beauty, practicality and an unmistakable personal touch.

Luna CMT is a 2024 addition to the Cosmoliterange CMT_ESSENTIAL, a collection of surfaces that adapt perfectly to different project specifications and styles. CMT_ESSENTIAL is characterized by a palette of evergreen shades that can establish a virtuous dialogue with a wide range of materials, textiles and furniture in commercial or residential settings.

A responsible choice for the environment, combining technical performance, esthetics and versatility.

Kitchen designer: Elementi Cucina

Distributor: Italian Luxury Surfaces


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Elementi Cucina

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Kitchen worktop, central island


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