Quartz table

Quartz table

Harmony in the kitchen

The effect of coordinated harmony in a kitchen can be enhanced by matching the table with the kitchen top: you can choose the same overall hue or mood, or opt for an identical color but with different surface finishes. In addition to design considerations, this also has benefits linked to the material’s characteristics of hardness, endurance and hygiene safety.


A quartz kitchen table is robust and solid. It stands up well to accidental knocks and blows.


As it has zero porosity, engineered quartz prevents the proliferation of bacteria and infiltration by foodstuffs and liquids. The result is a surface with high standards of hygiene, much better when compared to natural stones such as marble and granite.

Easy maintenance

A Stone Italiana quartz kitchen table is antistatic and non-absorbent, which means that it does not attract dust or stains. So it is easy to clean: you just have to moisten the surface uniformly with a neutral detergent, wipe it with a soft sponge, rinse, and remove excess water using a dry cloth.

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