Kitchen interior in Cosmolite® Mint


Cosmolite® by Stone Italiana used for kitchen countertops, backsplash and walls

In the home environment, the kitchen symbolizes conviviality and represents the meeting place for families, especially in the Italian tradition, an intimate setting providing a place of refuge from the modern pace of life. Designing the appearance of this room therefore becomes imperative for the entire style of the home – with a focus on technical performance and functionality.

Considering these factors, Stone Italiana’s hi-tech Cosmolite® slabs are ideal for personalizing the kitchen interior while also complying with an environmental sensitivity that is now an absolute must in contemporary society.

The Cosmo line chosen for this kitchen recalls the visual impact of constellations, and it is an ideal option for expanding the view in small spaces. The cladding used on the walls, for the backsplash and the countertop in Cosmolite® recalls the appearance of a vibrant starry sky, with the signature speckled texture on a Mint green base: a perfect solution for people with a passion for cooking, and for creating a space ideal for relaxation and conviviality.

The Cosmo collection is inspired by the firmament and reverberates with light to illuminate rooms, another optimal feature in furnishing a kitchen with limited floor space. The slabs’ visual dynamism is ideal for color combinations suited for any taste, blending textures and materials.

A universe of sustainable design and innovation, with the 100% pre-consumer recycled aggregates from which the slabs are made, maintaining technical standards of strength and hygiene: Cosmolite® is a hygienically-tested collection suitable for direct contact with foods. In the color Mint, the Cosmo line enhances shades of green in perfect juxtaposition with pastel hues and the warmth of wood. Cosmolite® is a line ideal for coordinated kitchen designs, not only for wall claddings and kitchen countertops, but also for luxury indoor flooring, meeting even the most demanding expectations in terms of appearance.


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Cosmolite®, Cosmolite®



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Walls, kitchen countertops, backsplash


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