Kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplash

Protection for the wall

The backsplash is an area of wall claddingthat provides an extra touch of natural charm to your kitchen. Positioned above the kitchen top, the backsplash covers the wall and provides protection from splashes, steam and dirt. A Stone Italiana quartz backsplash is durable and easy to clean, and retains its beauty unblemished over time.


The Stone Italiana quartz backsplash is resistant to the detergents used for cleaning, to wear and tear over the course of time, and to the vapour rising from the hob.


As it has zero porosity, engineered quartz prevents the proliferation of bacteria and infiltration by foodstuffs and liquids. The result is a surface with high levels of hygiene.


Coordinated with the kitchen top or constituting a distinctive, unique highlight, the backsplash enhances every interior design style, from classical to contemporary, customizing the space according to the specific visual and functional requirements.