Cosmolite® total look in the kitchen interior


Stone Italiana and the 2021 "Bella Table" Food Influencer of the Year

The morning always begins with a bubbling mocha, a pot of Italian Espresso coffee.

Its aroma wafts throughout the room as water simmers on the hob built into the Stone Italiana kitchen worktop, made in Cosmolite®. This innovative, high-tech slab is manufactured using 100% recycled materials, designed to offer new vistas of appearance and content in the world of innovative interiors.

In actual fact, we are not describing a traditional Italian kitchen. We are in Helsinki, Finland, in the modern, welcoming “Bella Kitchen“, a setting that is both domestic and professional, in which experimentation, healthy food and social interaction go hand in hand with an interior design style hallmarked by a high degree of environmental sustainability.

Both at the hob and in their interior design choices, the duo Kia and Petra (@bellatable, food & lifestyle bloggers, nominated Food Influencers of the year in 2021) demonstrate their conscious decisions regarding both the use of ingredients and the materials on which they work, becoming ambassadors for brands, such as Stone Italiana, that wholly support this green approach to production.

Inside the brightly-lit “kitchen headquarters”, the two friends produce podcasts and showcooking sessions, enjoyed by a very large community of followers, in addition to hosting private dinners and food events with prestigious guests.

A conscious style choice

The Cosmolite® slab is utilized for several different surfaces in the kitchen. The product selected is from the Meteor collection, in Meteor Light colour and Grain 2.0. finish, referencing the hues that can be found in the interior.

The kitchen top, with induction and gas hobs, is perfectly integrated into the central island clad utilising Cosmolite slabs. The use of this product aso extends to the cladding of the hob’s control knobs and along the edges of the worktop, revealing Stone Italiana’s technical expertise in processing this high-tech material.

In addition to the kitchen’s central island, Cosmolite® is also used to clad the countertop at the end of the room, with the sink, and the wall-mounted backsplash. Lastly, Cosmolite slabs were also selected for furnishing accessories, in the shelves of the cabinet for kitchen utensils, as part of a total-look design.

Consisting entirely of non-quartz inert materials deriving from pre-consumer recycling, these surfaces offer a unique visual effect and excellent workability, in addition to high levels of hygiene.

This new, intriguing material can reduce environmental impact and contribute to industrial renewal. In fact, while Cosmolite® enhances and ennobles recycled products, inserting them into a new manufacturing process, it also offers an exclusive “quartz-free” formula, in compliance with sustainable architecture.

Available in three different collections, Cosmolite® slabs are ideal for all those large surfaces for which a powerful environmental sensitivity is appreciated.

The supply of Cosmolite® slabs for the “Bella Kitchen” project was performed through the local Stone Italiana partner Edelstein (@edelstein_nextlevel) in cooperation with @nixiporvoojatoolo.


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Bella Table, 2021 Food influencer of the year

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Worktop, kitchen tops, island countertops, upstand, interior shelves of kitchen cabinets


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