Chalet Champoluc Quartz Kitchen Countertop


A chalet of imagination

In the Alpine landscape of Champoluc, in the upper Val d’Ayas valley of Val d’Aosta, the penthouse of a 1970s condominium building has been given a new life by Icona Architetti Associati, whose work included the use of Stone Italiana quartz countertops in the kitchen.

The careful restoration and an extensive use of natural wood give the rooms a mountain lodge feel, interpreting the style within this 120-square-meter apartment to meet the wishes of the clients who were looking for a ‘rascard,’ a typical Ayas Valley chalet.

All the work was performed by means of a perfect synergy with excellent local artisans, an added value that enabled an interaction with tradition. The kitchen was also made to a design by Icona Architetti by Falegnameria Buila, with a quartz countertop from Stone Italiana‘s Classic collection. The shade chosen for the integrated sink, kitchen countertop and backsplash is Imperial 20.

The choice of the color Imperial 20 stems from both a design requirement and a request from the client for a dark, natural-looking surface that could coexist with wood, the predominant material used in the chalet. As the use of stone was excluded for practical reasons, the material chosen was Stone Italiana’s Stonit engineered quartz, a product that originated from the R&D lab in response to the increasing demand for basic but still on-trend colors such as black.

A choice that enabled the creation of large surfaces with a modern look but that are practical and durable over time,” explained architect Federica Poggio, one of the founders of the studio.

In supplying the quartz kitchen countertop, Stone Italiana succeeded in combining appearance and technical performance (quartz slabs epitomize durability, ease of maintenance, and hygienic safety) by means of the wide range of collections offered and the simplicity of processing. The concept for the chalet, based on bold colors and materials, is also echoed in the kitchen surfaces, with the natural black of Imperiale 20, from the Classic series, an example of elegance and refinement. A non-color collection, which gives the architect total expressive freedom by delivering an answer to the aesthetic demands of “modern design” even in projects steeped in traditionalism and natural materials.

The kitchen cladding is therefore perfectly aligned with the sophisticated design style, “minimal, but at the same time contemporary, durable and sleek, like the rest of the interior,” said the architect Federica Poggio, in conclusion.

Photography: Monica Spezia
Design: Icona Architetti Associati


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