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COSMO countertops embellish the “Essenza Supernatural” kitchen environment designed by Martini Interiors: a kitchen that takes care of the Earth, leading us into the future. The new setting of “Essenza Supernatural” deviates from the conventionality of industrial models by embracing a contemporary, personalized and customizable style. An handcrafted kitchen recognizable by the unique design, the excellent manufacturing and the certified quality of the materials used.

The choice of the worktop is undoubtedly one of the most important choices when designing a resistant kitchen with a seductive aesthetic. Kitchen top and worktop are fundamental to define the appearance of the kitchen, as well as they are vital for obtaining functional, hygienic and safe furniture, capable of adapting to the specific needs and domestic habits of each customer. With this in mind, Martini Interiors chooses Cosmolite, the Stone Italiana New Materia, to give the kitchen environment a new proposal of functional design and high technical-aesthetic value, synergistically developing a concept of style that looks at the creation of ever more sustainable furnishings.

Essenza Supernatural originates from this constant research in the stylistic and technical field, a new kitchen that embodies all the care of the two brands for innovation and sustainability. Produced exclusively with wood from certified forests, the Martini Interiors kitchen composition features interiors in non-toxic Canaletto Eco that enhance the veins of the material without affecting its naturalness. Green in every detail, it is also sustainable in the finishes, made through a water-based process. The historic luxury furniture brand from Verona has always used materials that are as sustainable as possible and the best high-tech solutions for total home creations that safeguard the environment without sacrificing beauty and design. The colors of the wood and those of Cosmolite top and backsplash finishes, blend with the hypnotic colors of the cosmos, giving life to a new version of “Essenza Supernatural” that is even greener and more high-tech. A “future proof” kitchen setting that, thanks to the plus of the top and backsplash in Cosmolite, offers an unprecedented vision addressing to all those who make uniqueness a stylistic imprint and sustainability an essential value.

Cosmoliteis the high-tech slabs project that was born after two years of research and experimentation in the laboratory, an innovative material made of 100% pre-consumer recycled minerals.

COSMO is the progenitor of the project and this collection has been chosen for the “Essenza Supernatural” kitchen, with its original “spotted” texture which recreates the magic of the Universe in the kitchen, by guaranteeing optimal performance, high hygiene standards and a unique aesthetic result.


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