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Quartz flooring customized with logo

The shopping experience in luxury concept stores begins with the décor of the interior spaces: the choice of the finest materials, display units and surfaces should reflect thebrand identity and heighten the product, welcoming customers into a special atmosphere with which they can identify.

Montblanc, the renowned brand making stationery, luxury pens, leather goods, fragrances and luxury technology devices, chose to utilize floors in Stone Italiana quartz for the personalization of its boutiques all over the world, with a Custom collection made in the colours black and white with Gloss finish, reflecting the brand’s original colours to perfection.

The luxury interior floor slabs in engineered quartz by Stone Italiana express class, sophistication and a powerful brand identity.

The Montblanc store is dedicated to an immersive shopping experience, with extreme interior décor customization. This approach is also reflected by the use of quartz slabs personalized using a special manufacturing technique, making it possible to include an inlaid Montblanc logo on the floor, created using waterjet technology.

Quartz slabs used for floors in boutiques, retail spaces and other commercial premises reflect decisions linked to both visual and functional considerations: floors, fundamental elements of the architectural language, have to comply with specifications regarding durability, resistance to stress and accidental impact, and ease of cleaning.

These qualities are wholly satisfied by the quartz flooring collections made by Stone Italiana, installed using slabs designed to improve and surpass the performance of natural stone. Today these products are selected all over the world, for their excellent physical and mechanical specifications, in addition to their distinctive appearance, the result of constant experimentation on colours and granulometry.


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Retail - Corner/Concept Store









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Montblanc Store Construction

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Flooring, Special elements with inlaid floor logo machined using waterjet technology


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