Which are the colors for fall 2022? Trends for quartz kitchen countertops

Like fashion, interior design has its color and style trends. In this article we will tell you about all the latest trends in colors for quartz kitchen countertops. There are many versions on the market: from muted to bright colors, from veined to uniform color variants, from grits to speckled.

Let’s discover them together!

The colors for fall 2022: solutions by Stone Italiana

Vibrant hues such as green – a hue that hints at nature and foliage – enhance the neutral palette of basic colors such as white, beige and shades of gray. Comfort, vitality and tradition.
Three concepts, three words, a palette of colors and shades to give your kitchen a harmonious tone that evokes a familiar, welcoming atmosphere, with lots of character.

‘Stone Italiana’s greens

When color becomes expressive potential

The extraordinary versatility of Stone Italiana‘s products enables you to personalize your kitchen with a blend of colors that draw inspiration from the simplicity of delicate shades.

Materia by Stone Italiana is the answer to the visual requirements of “modern design,” giving stone new emotional and conceptual meanings. Shades of White, Gray and pastel colors such as Green Silver, make surfaces in Materia the ideal solution for when you are looking for a soft but distinctive surface.

With a range of different finishes, the collection becomes a design experience worth seeing, but above all one that is pleasant to touch and offers a way of expressing one’s own specific design identity.

Stone Italiana’s Materia Collection

The composition’s chromatic beauty

The theme of composition returns in the next collection we are presenting. Inserti is Stone Italiana’s exclusive engineered quartz, whose composition also includes a percentage of material different to quartz. While the high-sheen surface Brillante, available in black and white, comprises 15 percent post-consumer recycled mirror glass derived from the automotive industry, which gives the surface a special luster, Lido contains recycled mother-of-pearl and ranks among the most historic products in the Stone Italiana range.

The colors available in Stone Italiana’s Inserti collection

The chromatic variants of innovation

By means of constant research and experimentation on colors, textures, and grain sizes, Stone Italiana can create increasingly sophisticated quartz kitchen countertops that match the most innovative interior design trends.

The Mint di Cosmo shade in the Cosmolite® line, for example, takes the color green to a new dimension, “between the planets and the Milky Way,” as a result of its characteristic “speckled” texture. Cosmo represents the ideal solution for those who look to the future: a product, like the others, capable of reducing environmental impact (Cosmolite® enhances and ennobles the product’s recycled component by inserting it into a new production process, and on the other hand it offers an exclusive “quartz-free” formula, a good expression of sustainable architecture).

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