Floors at home: how to choose the perfect material for your house

We know that he floor is one of the key elements of any home. Choosing it depends mainly on the esthetics and style of the entire house.

But before going ahead with the installation, you need to bear in mind a few functional and esthetic factors that can make a huge difference. One in particular: the choice of material. In this article we’ll tell you about Cosmolite®, discussing its incredible versatility, the latest trends according to Stone Italiana and how to find the perfect solution for your lifestyle.

Choosing a floor to suit your lifestyle. How important are materials?

A floor that’s not appropriate for the way you live can compromise the harmony of your home. Making the right choice is about more than esthetics. So you should ask yourself where will the floor be installed (which room of your home), whether it’s an area with bright lights and heavy use, whether you have children or pets, and what kind of maintenance does your chosen floor need.

There are many types of flooring materials on the market, each with its own characteristics, but not all of them have the perfect combination of appearance and practicality. Solid wood, for example, requires regular maintenance and is definitely not the best choice for damp and heavily-used rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. The same goes for marble or granite: neither is very absorbent or resistant to chemicals, and both require specific maintenance.

If we think about laminate flooring, we see that it’s particularly sensitive to heat, damp and wear and tear.

And this bring us to new products. Following years of research and trials, Stone Italiana proposes a solution that can literally revolutionize the world of interior design, a new material that’s unique, sustainable and high-performance, ideal for any space: Cosmolite®.

Cosmolite® kitchens and floors

Light or dark floors? The Cosmolite® solutions

Although it’s true that a light-colored floor can bring new brightness to a small or badly-lit room, on the other hand it also requires very careful consideration when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens.

If you’re a fan of Scandi style or you want to enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort in your home, for example, a light-colored floor will help to emphasize the design of your chosen furniture and decor. In this case the right combination of pale shades, warm colors – cream, beige, gray and taupe – and well-matched details will contribute to a warm, cozy and bright atmosphere. Our solutions include the delicate, harmonious shades of Starwhite from the K-STAR collection, Meteor Ice from the METEOR collection and White Planet from the PLANET collection, for the most natural effects.

A dark-colored floor, on the other hand, may be the perfect solution for a large and well-lit area. For

more elegant and refined spaces, we recommend the darker and bolder grit effect of the K-STAR collection, like Starblack or Stargrey, or the speckled look ofAstro from the COSMO collection.

What color is the future?

Meanwhile, when it comes to more groundbreaking projects, the most innovative Stone Italiana products include Mint COSMO from the Cosmolite® line.

Thanks to its distinctive speckled appearance, this surface is ideal if you want to experiment with new interior combinations and solutions inspired by the random beauty of nature: the graphic pattern with unexpected nuances and variation lends uniqueness and organic appeal to any room, stimulating creativity in the concept of space and innovative, sophisticated design.

Stone Italia proposes a vast range of colors and solutions, from the most classic and polished in neutral shades to more structured and textured options.

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