Which material for a sustainable kitchen worktop?

Stone Italiana’s innovative and sustainable solutions, designed with creativity and advanced technology.

Nowadays the use of sustainable materials for kitchen design is increasing, not merely as a passing trend but as an essential practice for our future, geared to a more responsible and innovative vision throughout our sector.

In this article we’ll explore the crucial importance ofsustainable materials for kitchen worktops and tell you about all the characteristics that make Stone Italiana’s new material, Cosmolite®, the best solution to meet the most exacting esthetic and functional market needs.

Innovation means sustainability: the Stone Italiana model

Innovation in the materials sector means being sustainable, in other words adopting an approach that can not only significantly reduce waste production, but can also encourage the industry to operate more responsibly.

This, then, is a model that is not limited to the selection of materials, but also involves thinking carefully about the entire production cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to their processing.

In the specific case of Stone Italiana, all the inert materials in our new Cosmolite® come from quarry waste, with a circular economy approach. The aim of the entire process is to recover and reuse waste materials and thuscreate a brand new material that can prevent the opening of new quarries, to the clear benefit of the environment. Subsequent replanting projects ultimately allow the environment to recover, in complete harmony with the surrounding area.

Stone Italiana’s high-tech manufacturing process guarantees superior technical qualities

A kitchen worktop made in a sustainable material like Cosmolite® can give a project class and uniqueness. And the same goes for the extraordinary technical properties obtained by Stone Italiana surfaces, thanks to a highly technological production process;state-of-the-art machinery allows the raw materials to be compacted to make Cosmolite®. Following years of research and continuous testing, Stone Italiana has created a product that is extremely resistant to wear and tear, abrasion and scratches, but is also hygienic and impermeable to stains (Stone Italiana surfaces are certified NSF/ANSI std. 51 by the National Sanitation Foundation as Food Equipment Materials for food zones and splash zones). All this has in important impact on the experience of the people who live in the house, making one of the busiest rooms more comfortable and healthy.

More sustainable, more comfortable, more creative: the huge variety of solutions for your green kitchen worktop

It’s a similar story when we come to esthetics and creativity. As we have seen, choosing a sustainable material for your kitchen worktop is a great opportunity to connect more deeply and creatively with your surroundings.

Today Cosmolite® is a symbol of the future, of innovative and sustainable solutions, designed with creativity and advanced technology for interior designers who prioritize green solutions for kitchen surfaces. All this is possible thanks to the wide range of surfaces availablein seven different collections – CMT_ESSENTIAL, COSMO, DNA URBANO, METEOR, PLANET, K-STAR, VENANTIS – whose stunning shades, textures and veining can considerably widen creative possibilities and allow the most appropriate custom approach to every individual project, whatever its style.

More sustainable, more comfortable, more creative: the huge variety of solutions for your green kitchen worktop

Stone Italiana is committed to developing and offering new interior solutions in perfect tune with nature, while maintaining the high standards of esthetics and originality typical of Made in Italy products. Choosing Cosmolite® means choosing a partner with a strong focus on the growing demand for sustainability, specific advanced techniques and product certification. Be part of Stone Italiana’s sustainable revolution. Discover the Cosmolite® collections!  

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