Total black kitchen: in search of the perfect worktop

Modern, elegant, sophisticated. Black plays an essential role in kitchen design, becoming a symbol of bold yet elegant style. With the right planning and careful use of space, lighting and materials, you can create a total black kitchen with inimitable style.

Today’s contemporary trends push us to increasing boldness in our choice of decor solutions. The total black kitchen is definitely a trend that has gained extensive consensus in he world of interior design, especially among fans of modern, minimalist style.

In this article you’ll find the steps to follow and the most popular market trends for Stone Italiana.

Kitchen in Marmorea Royal Black

The total black kitchen: the steps to follow

Choosing a dark-colored kitchen will give your space enormous esthetic impact. To ensure perfect balance, the first things to take into account are undoubtedly the size andlighting of the room.

As we know, black is a strong color that tends to dominate a space. For this reason it’s important to remember that a dark-colored kitchen needsappropriate lighting. Lights under the units, recessed spotlights and ceiling lamps can be strategic sources that enhance the room. Moreover, to avoid an overly monolithic appearance, you can play with different materials and textures, adding depth and visual interest.

The advantages?

A total black style is perfect for contemporary homes, offering a coherent look that’s easy to pair with state-of-the-art appliances and accessories. So the choice of a total black kitchen also has important practical advantages, making stains less visible and facilitating day-to-day cleaning compared to lighter colors.

As we’ll see, in this case the choice of surface material can influence not only our perception of space (matte or gloss surfaces), but also the livability and comfort of the kitchen.

The ideal choice for the worktop of your total black kitchen: Cosmolite®

As for the choice of surface materials, Stone Italiana offers an innovative range geared to radical transformation of interior design. Cosmolite®, a unique new, sustainable high-performance material, is the perfect choice for your total black kitchen. In terms of functionality, this is due to Stone Italiana’s meticulous research into materials and highly advanced processes: the surfaces can withstand shock, abrasion and scratches, and are also hygienic and stain-resistant (Stone Italiana surfaces are certified NSF/ANSI std. 51 – National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials for food zone and splash zone).

Cosmolite®: new shades of black, new textures and grains, waiting to be discovered...

All our Cosmolite® surfaces are beautifully designed and in line with the most sought-after trends in interiors. For anyone who loves total black modern kitchens with sober, sophisticated style, we recommend a grit-effect worktop in Cosmolite® in one of the bold dark shades in our collection K-STAR collection, such as Starblack or Stargrey.

If you’re looking for a bolder style, we suggest choosing a surface with a speckled texture, like Astrofrom the COSMO collection, or an original dark shade from the VENANTIS collection, such as the intense Black Juno or timeless Grey Titano.

The importance of a surface material. Discovering Cosmolite®

As we’ll see, it’s not only the layout, but also the materials and colors of surfaces that makes a difference in your kitchen. Our quest for the very best design solutions has led Stone Italiana to develop a new material for floors, kitchen worktops and cladding with extraordinary technical properties, which is perfect for the busiest room in the house. Cosmolite® is the ideal choice for every surface in your kitchen, not only because of its extraordinary technical properties (resistance, hygiene and impermeability to stains). The innovative nature of this material is also reflected in its appearance and design, with different collections offering a range of shades and textures.

Are you looking for the perfect worktop for your total black kitchen? To find out more, just get in touch. One of our experts will help you find the best solution.

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