Processes and products: Stone Italiana’s green design

Recyclable, biodegradable materials designed in terms of a durable solution: these are the first definitions that come to mind when considering green design, but the concept of sustainable design goes beyond the product and considers a more extensive dimension that also involves production processes. The origins of this theme can be found in the growing sensitivity towards environmental issues and renewable resources, with the aim of creating objects, interiors and services perfectly integrated with the natural habitat, in total respect of the latter.

Green design according to Stone Italiana

Dedicated to excellence, in the quality and the design of its products, and in its sensitivity to environmental issues since 1979, Stone Italiana has always been committed to the development of an ethically sustainable economyTechnological research and ecological sensitivity are the two cornerstones according to which Stone Italiana develops its products, by means of an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

In fact, the company is committed to minimizing the toxic substances produced during processing, the limitation of VOC emissions, the reduction of waste and the use of recyclable packaging, reductions in the use of energy and water, and the health and safety of the operators working inside the structure.

Advanced production processes and a commitment to experimenting alternative solutions that safeguard the environment have led to the creation of materials containing recycled post-production or post-consumption elements, thus expanding the range of environmentally sustainable solutions.

Cosmolite and DNA Urbano: two sides of the same ecological coin

Created utilising a highly technological concept, Cosmolite was devised in order to give the design world new possibilities of appearance and content, by means of a surface that is innovative as regards visual texture but above all for its composition. In fact, this collection comprises inert materials different to quartz, entirely obtained from pre-consumer recycling, used to create surfaces of high technical and aesthetic performance. Cosmolite constitutes a ”gift” from the world of design, destined for people looking towards the future, and more specifically regarding the construction of buildings with a high degree of environmental sustainability. 

Generated by the same ecological approach that is a hallmark of Stone Italiana, DNA Urbano (Urban DNA) is a quartz slab created as part of an upcycling process, namely the creative reuse of dust collected during sweeping. This represents the invention of a material with high added value: flooring and wall-cladding slabs for architectural projects in which the final objective of the design project is environmental sustainability. By means of its composition, DNA Urbano presents a beautiful granular texturewith a variable appearance because it incorporates whatever accumulates on the city streets every day, with visual results that are always different and surprising, determined by the combination of miscellaneous elements. When observed closely, they tell miniature stories: a microchip, a piece of colored glass, a filament of iron wire, a seed, an aluminum coriander: the real CHROMOSOMES of the city, collected and presented by means of sweeper dust. 

DNA URBANO is thus a material that incorporates the essence of our cities’ daily existence, transferring it to unique design projects capable of narrating the stories of everyday life.

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