Light or dark kitchen top?

Light or dark top? What suits your personal way of living the kitchen? In this article you will discover how to choose the right colours of the kitchen top starting from the choice of material.

You will also discover the most requested trends in the world of interior design and the latest news coming from the world of Stone Italiana.

Looking for the right match: some practical tips

During the design phase or modernization of the kitchen, the choice of the kitchen top represents one of the fundamental moments. Contemporary trends are increasingly pushing us to explore new furniture solutions. The infinite variety of finishes and colours on the market has certainly stimulated a growing attention to detail and the combination with new materials.

Knowing how to reconcile practicality (daily needs) and personal tastes, therefore, is not at all simple, especially because the factors to take into account are many: brightness, style, space available, the material, the colour of the doors and the handles and the floor.

In the world of interior design there are best practices, which are almost always valid and that go beyond personal preferences. Kitchen tops are generally matched to doors. For example, if your kitchen has light doors, it is better to create contrast by choosing a black or dark top. If the doors are dark, however, it is advisable to choose a lighter shade for the kitchen top.

For those who love an innovative total look, the possibility of creating visual continuity between top and doors with the same colour is the winning choice. Or it is advisable to choose a light top when we need to make a kitchen look bigger than it really is and when there is low brightness. This solution will certainly give you more shine.

When to choose a light kitchen top

Having lot of light in the kitchen is very important because it is a place where we spend a good part of our day. For lovers of minimal or scandinavian style, a very bright kitchen will not only make the environment more practical and functional, but will help to enhance the design of the furniture and the simplicity of the forms.

If you want to give more brightness to your kitchen we recommend, therefore, to choose a top with light shades. Keep in mind, though, that glossy finishes spread light better than matt. Among the materials available within the market, there are the innovative surfaces created by Stone Italiana inspired by the beauty of the Cosmos. We’re talking about Cosmolite®.

The reasons are very simple: it is a material that allows you to brighten the spaces with style without having to give up the incredible technical characteristics of the top. In fact, Cosmolite® is a design product with a fascinating appeal that guarantees a very high standard of resistance to the absorption of acidic substances and stains.

Among the latest innovations of Cosmolite® that meet the search for a light kitchen top, we find VENANTIS, the new collection characterized by delicate shades: Beige Igea, Grey Argo and White Teti.

VENANTIS is the ideal collection for those looking for new and distinctive products, of high sustainable content and exceptional aesthetic quality for a special use in furniture items such as kitchen tops, countertops, doors and cladding surfaces.

When to choose a dark kitchen top

Darker shades are generally more suitable for large spaces. The more space you have, the more creativity you can put into play during the design phase. This applies not only to modern kitchens, but also to more traditional ones.

As already mentioned, the logic that accompanies the combinations between kitchen tops and doors is that of “contrast” (dark top with light doors). However, you can also opt for monochrome solutions with darker shades such as gray.

The result will certainly be modern and elegant.

Thanks to the constant research and experimentation of colours, textures and granulometries, Stone Italiana is able to create increasingly refined kitchen tops, in step with the latest trends in the world of interior design. Just think of Astro’s “stained” textures from COSMO collection or the original dark shades of VENANTIS collection (already seen previously), such as the firm black of Black Juno and the timeless grey of Grey Titano.

For lovers of modern kitchens with a more sober, elegant and refined style, we recommend the dotted effect of the kitchen top in Cosmolite®, with dark and decisive shades of the K-STAR collection, such as Starblack and Stargrey.

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