Kitchen countertops: quartz or porcelain stoneware?

A new way of conceiving the kitchen

Nowadays, the kitchen is no longer considered simply the place where breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared.

Contemporary design trends have continued to expand its role (and consequently, our habits), merging the kitchen area with the living area. This makes it the part of the home where people spend most time; the place where people come together.

This inevitably leads us to pay more and more attention to details, or in other words: kitchen furniture. The elements composing a kitchen are now considered design pieces which can enhance both the aesthetics and liveability of our homes. That’s why it’s so important nowadays to choose the right materials for our countertops.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at two materials that are currently trending: quartz and porcelain stoneware. We’re going to take a deep dive into their technical properties and aesthetic characteristics to help you make the right choices when designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Why choose quartz for kitchen countertops?

Stone Italiana island and kitchen top in Micro+ quartz

Kitchen countertops are a furnishing we interact with every day. That’s why it’s so important to choose a material with real aesthetic appeal that is also completely practical and sanitary at the same time.

Quartz is one of the highest-performing materials produced by nature. Quartz-based slabs are made of an agglomerate of quartz dust and granules bound together using a small percentage of resin, which increases its natural impermeability. The quartz itself is resistant to accidental shocks and scratches.

Quartz slabs are non-absorbent, making them immune to bacterial attacks, and meet international requirements for health and sanitation (Stone Italiana materials hold NSF/ANSI Std. 51 National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials for Food Zones and Splash Zones certification).

As far as its aesthetic qualities are concerned, quartz is undoubtedly one of the most attractive materials on the market. Its great range of different looks makes it very similar to prestigious materials such as marble, and it can be used in any high-end kitchen where quality and refinement are the watchwords. 

The great variety of collections of quartz slabs also make it the perfect choice for substituting a kitchen or bar countertop as part of a restyling operation, as it can blend seamlessly with the existing furnishings.

100% produced in Italy and guided by a corporate policy of environmental sustainability, Stone Italiana quartz is perfect not only for kitchen countertops and backsplashes, but also for flooring, wall cladding, stairs and furnishings of various kinds, giving major projects that total look which makes a real impact.

Stone Italiana quartz plus

Porcelain stoneware for kitchen countertops

Stone Italiana island and kitchen top in Kerit porcelain stoneware

Let’s take a look now at the advantages of using porcelain stoneware for kitchen countertops. Firstly, it’s a material that’s resistant to a lot of different stresses, such as stains, scratches, heat, etc.. If you choose porcelain stoneware for your countertop, you’ll know you’ve got a very hygienic product: it’s impermeable to stains and moisture, it impedes the growth of germs and bacteria, is naturally allergen-free and doesn’t release any harmful substances.

As far as its aesthetic qualities are concerned, porcelain stoneware also offers a wide variety of finishes, textures and patterns for a whole range of different looks. The range of Stone Italiana porcelain stoneware in the Kerit collection is a precious addition to the Stonit, Stonit+ and Marmorea collections of quartz slabs.

The next frontier for Stone Italiana: Cosmolite® kitchen countertops

top cucina venantis
Stone Italiana kitchen with island and top in Cosmolite®

Stone Italiana’s ongoing search for the best products doesn’t stop with quartz or porcelain stoneware countertops. We’ve explored new frontiers to bring you a sustainable designer material: Cosmolite®.

Divided into five different collections – COSMO, METEOR, PLANET, K-STAR and VENANTIS –, Cosmolite® surfaces are inspired by the beauty of the cosmos and are made entirely from pre-consumer recycled minerals other than quartz. A new material with a reduced environmental impact that opens new aesthetic horizons in the universe of kitchen design and beyond. 

Our mission is to produce and consume in harmony with Nature and, at the same time, strive to manufacture products in line with the principles of beauty and originality that make Italian design famous around the world. Our new material Cosmolite® fits perfectly with this corporate philosophy – its Carbon Footprint declaration shows that its impact is lower than other products in the sector.

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