How can you decorate the home in an original way?

Interpreting a specific mood by combining colors and styles is certainly a fun and creative experience, one in which you can reflect your personality in the look of your domestic interiors. On the market there are many suggestions offering inspiration. In this article you will find ideas for decorating your home in an original way.

Let’s explore them together!

1. Choose a theme that fits your lifestyle and personality

It all starts with the choice of theme. This is not an easy decision. Without doubt it depends on personal taste, but also on practical considerations. Take the time necessary to look for suggestions (including resources online). Take a look at things you like and don’t like. The world of interior design offers a very wide range of styles from which to draw inspiration: rustic, modern, Scandinavian, shabby chic, minimalist, etc. So, choose a theme that makes you feel at home, that gives you comfort and represents your personality.

2. Don’t forget practicality

Once you have identified the theme that best suits your lifestyle, think about the practical aspects of the materials used for floors and surfaces. So, choose materials that are, on the one hand, able to enhance all the beauty and design of the furnishings, but that are also resistant to physical stress, easy to clean and maintain, and impermeable to stains and moisture.

Without doubt, Stone Italiana‘s quartz slabs represent the right compromise between functionality and appearance. By means of painstaking research into raw materials and a high-tech manufacturing process, all the surfaces produced reach high standards of durability The material consists of an agglomerate containing a small percentage of resin that improves its performance. In addition, the slabs are practically non-absorbent and therefore they cannot be attacked by bacteria, stains, molds and acids.

3. Choose an original furnishing scheme with different but mutually-compatible styles

You can also give your home a touch of originality and harmony by combining different furnishing styles and types of design. Just do it in the right way, with harmony and using colors and furniture that match each other. The further separated the styles involved, the more interesting the relationships that could develop. In the case of the classic-modern combination, this could be made possible, for example, by enhancing the antique furniture (mirrors, armchairs, chests of drawers, chandelier, etc.), and allowing a few functional pieces of furniture and objects to stand out from the context.

At this stage, the choice of flooring can be decisive and will be made according to the theme, the interior, the colors, and the materials used for the furnishings. The objective? Creating a coordinated and original look while dedicating the right degree of attention to functionality. For example, Stone Italiana‘s surfaces in Gloss (glossy) or Grain (matte) finishes in neutral colors are the perfect choice for highlighting furnishings.

private residence: lounge
The quartz floors of a luxury private apartment in Union Square

For an innovative and modern interpretation of marble chip floors reinterpreting a vintage taste for surfaces, there is Terrazzo, Stone Italiana’s collection inspired by the tradition of prestigious marble chip floors typical of noble Venetian mansions.

terrazzo: grey grain cooktop
Terrazzo Grey floor

4. Create continuity between spaces

There are some interior design strategies that help give a sense of cohesion amongst spaces. To achieve this, every individual element, every single furnishing detail that is repeated in all the interiors in the house, will help create continuity between the rooms.

So it is useful to choose a consistent color palette. Then create a flow through the areas by creating sliding doors, glass partitions or openings that allow views of adjacent spaces. Lastly, use the same or similar materials in all rooms of the house to create a feeling of continuity (for example, identical flooring or the same type of wood used in all furnishings).

5. Creative sustainability

Can you be original and creative without sacrificing sustainability? Sustainable design requires a focus on selecting materials and designing products that are durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. This approach can lead to innovative and creative design solutions involving the use of advanced technology, energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures, and eco-friendly or recycled materials that offer high performance from a technical standpoint and that are not detrimental to health.

Stone Italiana’s range includes collections and products that contain various percentages of both pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled components (for example, the Inserti Collection, DNA Urbano, etc.)

Creativity and originality always make the difference

As we have seen so far, it is possible to furnish your home in an original way without neglecting functionality and comfort. Stone Italiana’s quartz surfaces are the right solution for creating increasingly cozy, original and sustainable spaces. All you have to do is to give free rein to your creativity. Shall we begin?

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