Kitchens crafted from recycled materials: the Stone Italiana solution

Nowadays, using recycled materials when designing kitchens has become a vital step for the entire interior design world, as part of its forward-looking approach  focussed on greater awareness and innovation. There are many reasons for preferring recycled materials over new. Energy efficient choices (low-energy appliances, lighting, and systems for heating and cooling) can be paired with utensils, accessories, kitchen furniture and shelves made with materials from sustainable sources, and countertops and tiling also offer unique and sustainable options.

In this article, as well as exploring why it is so important to choose recycled materials when building your kitchen, we will also delve into the sustainable soul of Cosmolite® kitchen worktops. The latest material from Stone Italiana made with 100% recycled minerals, Cosmolite® wholly embodies the recycling philosophy,  offering a sophisticated environmentally sustainable solution that delivers in both design and aesthetics.

Why should you be using recycled materials for your kitchen?

The design choices we make impact on both the environment and practicality. Sustainable design takes into account the choice of materials.

A choice that contributes to the promotion of the concept of a circular economy, in which materials are reused responsibly, resulting in minimal environmental impact. An approach that encourages people to making more environmentally friendly choices in their homes. 

Kitchen worktops made of Cosmolite® by Stone Italiana: when opting for recycled materials means helping the environment

Within the realm of interior design, recycling is a process that also encompasses production practices, involving raw materials from extraction to processing. 

In the specific case of Stone Italiana, all the aggregates used to product our Materia Nuova Cosmolite®, originate from quarry processing waste, in line with the circular economy approach. The entire production process is geared towards valorising waste materials, creating a new material that prevents the need to open new extraction sites, with undeniable benefits for the environment. Finally, a subsequent re-vegetation of former quarries allows environmental recovery in complete harmony with the landscape of the surrounding areas.

Stronger, healthier materials and greater comfort thanks to the sustainability of Cosmolite®

Sustainability in interior design not only lowers environmental impact, but it often also helps create healthier and more comfortable living spaces. Also in this case, Cosmolite® slabs make the difference by adopting advanced international standards of reliability and food safety (Stone Italiana materials are certified  as compliant with, for  example, NSF/ANSI Std., 51 National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials for splash zones and food zones, the most complete standard in terms of materials in contact with food).

Stone Italiana slabs are also resistant to scratches, stains, and blows, which makes them ideal for such a lived-in environment as the kitchen. 

When furniture crafted from recycled materials lends a sustainable kitchen a unique style

As we have seen so far, sustainable design involves close attention to materials, choosing only those that are durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It is an approach that requires innovative, creative, and technologically advanced design responses and solutions.

Cosmolite® offers not only technical advantages but aesthetic benefits too, in the form of  the five different collections available. All inspired by the wonder of spaceCOSMO, METEOR, PLANET, K-STAR, VENANTIS, their stunning colours, textures, and particle sizes allow users to create unique and sustainable kitchens. The shades range from neutral to matt. Simply explore its beauty – a unique fusion of elegance and practicality – to creatively transform your kitchen into a distinctive and inviting space.

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