Kitchen tops – how to give yours a fresh new look

Are you thinking about how to refurbish your kitchen with a bespoke approach? Change the top!

The kitchen is one of the most personal areas of a home and the worktop is its main feature. When positioned on top of a central island or a peninsula extending out from the hob, a worktop allows whoever is cooking to keep in on the conversation with friends or family while putting together lunches and dinners. Read our guide and pick up some tips on kitchen countertops and how to give yours a new lease of life.

Just choose the TOP for your kitchen!

Not only the source of delicious dishes and aromas, the kitchen is also the perfect setting for  sharing confidences over a cup of tea and enjoying the warming aroma of coffee to get your day started. The kitchen encloses the smells of our favourite comfort foods and our personal style. It offers a chance to express ourselves, through designs and tastes that talk directly about the people who use it. 

To update a kitchen, without transforming its appearance or embarking on costly renovations, we suggest something quite simple: a new worktop.

The range of materials, textures, and colours available on the market is vast and finding the product that best suits your taste and needs – while also guaranteeing advanced technical performance – is not easy.

Stone Italiana kitchen tops, in the Cosmolite option, meet the need for resistance to wear, steam, and heat which is so essential for a kitchen worktop, while also offering an exceptional  range of colours and textures to renew your kitchen, without having to transform it. 

Let’s look at some of the must-haves for your new kitchen top:

Technical performance

  • Colour fastness: CosmoliteⓇ kitchen tops do not loose their shine and the texture will always remain the same, strong and bright, after years of kneading pizza dough, working mince, chopping meat, fish, and fruit, or sautéing.
  • High resistance to acids, blows, and scratches: dropping pots, pans, and cooking utensils is pretty normal in the kitchen, which is why having a new worktop that won’t chip or wear is another  imperative when  choosing  a worktop.

Guaranteed hygiene and safety through food grade materials

Cosmolite slabs guarantee unique aesthetics and perfect workability of the material, as well as high hygiene standards, which is so vital for surfaces that come into contact with food:

  • Non-porous and non-absorbent: no joints and an impermeable body prevent mould and bacteria forming;
  • Easy to clean,  with water or household detergents removing even the most stubborn grease stains; you can cut salmon tartare or chop up garlic and onion on your kitchen top at the same time without worrying that the fresh pasta you are about to knead will absorb the smells!
  • Certified suitability for contact with food: Cosmolite slabs have been awarded the NSF/ANSI Std.51 FOOD ZONE mark, which means it is  guaranteed as suitable for contact with food, liquids, and detergents and will withstand knocks and blows, steam,  and sudden temperature changes.

As its components are natural, it is a bacteriostatic material (i.e. it prevents the growth of bacteria) and it is also “food contact proof”, so suitable for contact with food and liquid foodstuffs. Not only does this means the backsplash and kitchen top are resistant but also that you can actually chop, mix, and knead your food directly on the top.

Sustainable design, for all tastes

After looking at the essential technical features you’ll need from a new kitchen top, let’s get to the really fun part: the looks. 

Forerunner in the Cosmolite lines is COSMO, with its original speckled textures; METEOR, on the other hand, offers four stone-inspired shades: Dark is a reference to deepest space, while lighter shades  Light and Cold evoke  subtler earthy tone and the glacial Ice brings the design inspirations back to lunar colours. 

On-trend and nuanced, PLANET meets the needs of functional fashionable interiors and the latest offering, KSTAR,  features a slightly larger grain size than the other collections and a colour palette that is ideal for understated designs with timeless charm.

While looks matter, nowadays it is also increasingly important to focus on the environment when making interior design choices, by opting for materials and suppliers who embrace the sustainable approach throughout the production chain.

Composed entirely of pre-consumer recycled mineral aggregates, Cosmolite kitchen countertops are a new and mesmerising material  which also guarantees low environmental impact through an innovative industrial approach. Not only does Cosmolite enhance recycled materials to create a prestigious product that can be used in a new production process, it also offers an exclusive quartz-free composition, which is the hallmark of sustainable architecture. 

Photo Credits: @bella.table | Bella Table, Findland The supply of Cosmolite slabs for the “Bella Kitchen” project was performed through the local Stone Italiana partner Edelstein (@edelstein_nextlevel) in cooperation with @nixiporvoojatoolo.

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