How to make your kitchen more welcoming?

Creating a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen is important because it enhances your enjoyment of the space. As we will see, comfort and functionality are two key principles to take into account at the planning stage, because a welcoming kitchen also needs to be functional.

Effective organisation of space (having everything at hand), careful choice of surfaces (beautiful to look at, but also resistant to impacts and stains), the choice of furniture design with thoughtful lighting and the use of pleasant colours can all make a difference. But how to do it? Where to start? Let’s find out together!

Managing your kitchen space

Making a kitchen more welcoming is not only a matter of how much space you have; it’s often about how you manage it. Sometimes even the smallest kitchen can be very inviting: every detail should be well-planned, always seeking practical solutions.

For example, the placement of light sources is important: as well as general lighting, it’s a smart choice to consider adding under-cabinet lights over work surfaces, lights to emphasise open shelf units, or even ambient lighting.

Another trick is to organise the working areas carefully, for example by placing cooking appliances (hob, oven, microwave) together and leaving free areas of surface for preparation.

If space allows, a multi-functional island can be an interesting idea that provides extra space for cooking, eating or entertaining, thus making your entire kitchen more liveable.

Which colours to choose for a welcoming kitchen?

We now come to one of the most creative phases of the whole process: the choice of colours. An essential first step is to establish chromatic harmony between walls, furniture and surfaces. To do this correctly, carefully consider the space you have available and the brightness of the room. In this sense, pale shades offer important advantages: they’re suitable for practically any style (from modern to classic) and can make the space brighter and more welcoming.

The material chosen for the surfaces: Cosmolite®

Always seeking comfort and functionality, for surfaces (tops and cladding) in the kitchen, we choose Cosmolite®: the exclusive new material from Stone Italiana that’s resistant to impact and scratches and impermeable to stains and bacteria, therefore suitable for contact with food.

More than mere functionality and superb technical properties. Stone Italiana products can enhance the welcoming feeling of your kitchen, thanks to the huge variety of colours and finishes available. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right surface. One of these is the style we want to create.

For fans of minimalist or Scandi style, for example, a bright kitchen with pale colours will make the space more practical while also helping to showcase the design of the furnishings and the harmony of the whole. In this case, we recommend opting for surfaces in delicate Hygea Beige and White Teti from the Venantis collection, or restrained Starwhite and Meteor Light from the K-star and Meteor collections. The same goes if you prefer an innovative and modern overall look: creating visual continuity between worktops in pale, delicate shades and cabinet doors in the same colour is extremely effective, and gives your kitchen a relaxing and inviting mood.

Alternatively, if you want to create a contrast with light-coloured cabinet doors, choose a top in a darker shade. This solution is generally suitable for larger spaces. In this case, we recommend the darker, bolder shades Starblack and Stargrey from the K-star collection, or the original dark shades from the Venantis collection, such as bold Black Juno or timeless Grey Titan.

Finally, if you want a more traditional yet decisive look, we recommend the grainy effect of a Cosmolite® kitchen top in the colours of the COSMO collection, or Stargreen and Stargrey from the K-star collection.

In conclusion

In this article we have focused on some practical considerations to take into account, and explored how a careful choice of surfaces can turn one of the busiest rooms in the house into the ideal place to share pleasant moments with friends and family. As we have seen, you can make your kitchen even more welcoming, without compromising on functionality and comfort. Stone Italiana Cosmolite® surfaces offer the solution for any style you desire.

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