How to create a multifunctional island for your modern kitchen?

The installation of a multifunctional island within a kitchen is becoming increasingly popular in modern designs today. Set in the center of a large and bright space, the island undoubtedly represents its beating heart. In this article, we will learn more about its principal characteristics and the best-performing materials for its construction offered by Stone Italiana.

The island’s multifunctionality and versatility in the modern kitchen. What are its characteristics?

A modern kitchen with an island is by definition an open, elegant and practical space where cooking, socializing and daily living can be performed comfortably and functionally. From food preparation and meal consumption to socializing, this type of configuration has many advantages: the island can, in fact, become both a countertop for breakfast and a dining table for hosting friends and family, whenever it is needed.

But what characteristics should it have?

In most cases, the island has a countertop, an integrated sink, a number of compartments for utensils, and often ample space underneath, where high stools can be stored. In some examples, it is also possible to include removable containers that can be taken out and utilized, as part of its modular configuration. Its surfaces have to ensure high standards of hygiene and shock resistance. These are all technical qualities typical of materials by Stone Italiana that we will discuss in this article.

How important is it to pay attention to details? Choosing the materials for the island’s surfaces

Designing a multifunctional island in a modern kitchen can be an excellent furnishing solution to enhance the interiors and create a cozy setting. However, it is important to pay attention to details and the choice of surface materials because the degree of comfort and the desired aesthetic effects will depend on this decision. In this case, referencing some of the kitchen décor elements (colors and finishes) could be a good idea to provide a sense of continuity.

There are several solutions on the market for decorating the island’s countertop, but not all of them feature the technical and aesthetic properties of Cosmolite® by Stone Italiana.

Why is Cosmolite® the ideal choice for cladding the surfaces of multifunctional islands?

There are many reasons that make Cosmolite® the ideal solution for cladding an island. First of all, Cosmolite® is a material that is resistant to impacts, scratches and various types of stress. It is also impervious to stains and moisture. It hinders the proliferation of germs and bacteria, it is naturally hypoallergenic and does not release any substances harmful to health.

In terms of appearance and design, however, the island’s versatility is well matched by the wide variety of themes, finishes and colors that Stone Italiana can offer its customers. Available in as many as 6 collections, surfaces in Cosmolite® are, in fact, inspired by the beauty of the Cosmos: CMT_ESSENTIAL (comprising basic, neutral colors), COSMO (hallmarked by a distinctive speckled texture), METEOR (embodies the timeless fascination of the stone effect), PLANET (shaded, like the magma of the planets), K-STAR (a collection in which the grain size is slightly larger than in the other collections), VENANTIS (distinctive for the presence of fine through-veins that run attractively across the surface and through the thickness of the material).

Another very important feature that hallmarks this material’s unique qualities is sustainability: in fact, all slabs are entirely made of minerals deriving from pre-consumer recycling and therefore made by utilizing process waste from other industrial systems. This creates a kind of circularity in production, in harmony with nature. A new method of manufacturing that can notably reduce environmental impact: the Carbon Footprint declaration has enabled us to quantify an impact that is almost 45% less when compared to all other products in this sector.

In conclusion

The multifunctional island is an excellent method of furnishing the entire kitchen space, connecting the interiors and improving the usability of the whole living area. As we have seen so far, to achieve these results, it is essential to devote careful attention to the materials used for its cladding. With Cosmolite®, Stone Italiana wishes to revolutionize the world of interior design by offering multiple high-performance technical solutions, in accordance with the principles of beauty and originality typical of Italian-made products, in addition to sustainability.

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