Which countertop should you choose for a white kitchen?

Have you already decided you want a white kitchen, but still have some doubts about the countertop? In this article you will find out how to choose the right combination and the solutions offered by Stone Italiana.

White kitchens have always enjoyed great success in the world of interior design. There are many reasons for this. First of all, white is a very versatile color that fits any interior and style to perfection.

In addition, white kitchens make the room seem larger than it actually is because of the brightness reflected on its surfaces. Whether you prefer to create contrasts or not, finding the right match with the kitchen countertop is not difficult at all. Let’s find out what’s new on the market!

Looking for the right kitchen countertop: choosing the material

Not all the materials on the market are able to create perfect combinations. The kitchen is amongst the busiest rooms in the home, one of the interiors most susceptible to various kinds of wear and tear. Therefore, the material chosen for the kitchen countertop should be not just beautiful to look at, but it should also offer optimum technical performance, in other words, it should be capable of achieving high standards of resistance to infiltration and staining.

For these reasons, today we’ll tell you about the latest trends arriving from the world of Stone Italiana, with specific reference to the newest sustainably-designed Cosmolite® surfaces for kitchen countertops. Inspired by the beauty of the Cosmos, this new material already seems to have enchanted the creative imaginations of architects and interior designers all over the world. The range of finishes and shades in the five different collections – COSMO, METEOR, PLANET, K-STAR, and VENANTIS – offer cutting-edge solutions, ideal for the white kitchen of your dreams.

White kitchen with black top: a combination that never goes out of fashion

Choosing a black top in a white kitchen is certainly an interesting choice, giving personality to the whole room without excessive weight. For a white kitchen in modern style, for example, the black-white two-color option can create a very smart effect that will never lose its fascination over the passage of time.
This is certainly true for the Black Juno color in the VENANTIS collection, distinctive for the presence of a solid white vein on the surface with the speckled “salt and pepper” effect, a characteristic of Starblack, part of the K-STAR collection, or the marble “Black Planet” effect of the PLANET collection, and the highly sophisticated stone effect of Meteor Dark in theMETEOR collection.

Black Juno, Starblack, Black Planet, Meteor Dark

White kitchen with white top: the harmonious effect of total white

For those who like total white, the choice of a white top, on the other hand, makes everything brighter. The result is subtle and harmonious. This is a combination that enhances the clean, minimalist lines of contemporary kitchens and highlights the purest geometries.

Among the most popular Cosmolite® colors on the market, there are the delicate and harmonious shades of White Teti in the VENANTIS collection, Starwhite in the K-STAR collection for more classical projects but with timeless charm (this is also one of the most economically attractive options in the collection), Meteor Ice from the METEOR collection, and White Planet from the PLANET collection for the most natural effects.

White Teti, Starwhite, Meteor Ice, White Planet

The modern white kitchen with contrasts from shades of gray

Another popular choice is a white kitchen with the contrast offered by a gray countertop. There are many shades of this color, ranging from the light gray stone effect of Meteor Cold from the METEOR collection (ideal for minimalist interiors), to darker and more shaded tones, such as the planetary magma of Grey Planet in the PLANET collection, more classical surfaces in Stargrey color (hallmarked by a slightly larger grain size when compared to other collection) right through to the innovative Grey Titano for the most sophisticated designs.

Meteor Cold, Grey Planet, Stargrey, Grey Titano

To conclude

Cosmolite® collections, available in a range of patterns and shades of black, white, gray or green (as in the case of Green Artemis from the VENANTIS collection and Stargreen from the K-STAR collection) offer the ideal choice when the objective is an attractive interior featuring exclusive design. All you have to do is contact us to find out more. One of our experts will help you identify the perfect combination for your white kitchen.

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