Chalet Champoluc Top Cucina Quarzo

Nel paesaggio alpino di Champoluc, nell’alta Val d’Ayas in Val d’Aosta, l’attico di un condominio anni Settanta rivive grazie all’intervento di Icona Architetti Associati che ha previsto l’impiego del top cucina in quarzo Stone Italiana per l’ambiente cucina.  L’accorto recupero e un uso estensivo del legno naturale donano agli ambienti un’atmosfera da baita di montagna […]

All the magic of Cosmo for a Very Simple Kitchen

Very Simple Kitchen designs modular kitchens in line with contemporary living trends. Inspired by the functional and minimalist design of the industrial world, the Bologna-based Company has created a new way of living spaces, reinterpreting the concept of a modular kitchen through an innovative approach based on the use of free standing components. Very Simple […]

Supernatural Essence, Sustainability and Beauty with Cosmolite®

COSMO countertops embellish the “Essenza Supernatural” kitchen environment designed by Martini Interiors: a kitchen that takes care of the Earth, leading us into the future. The new setting of “Essenza Supernatural” deviates from the conventionality of industrial models by embracing a contemporary, personalized and customizable style. An handcrafted kitchen recognizable by the unique design, the […]

Dubai Metro Union Station

dubai metro

Dubai Metro Union Station is one of the busiest stops, frequented by many commuters and tourists, located near large shopping centers and luxury hotels. Strolling along the spacious corridors of this modern metropolitan railway station, opened in 2009, visitors can admire the quartz flooring by Stone Italiana, chosen for its combination of style and durability, […]