Stone Italiana Cosmolite® kitchen

Functional, elegant, and sustainable, residential kitchen designs embrace up-to-the-minute trends in architecture alongside the comfort and health-conscious choices that are essential in a living space. A residential design in Tetti Rolle, in the Italian province of Turin, where nature takes centre stage. As you can see, everything – from the choice of materials and colours […]

Green Bathroom Milan

bagno verde

For an architect, there are no limits to the imagination when using quartz slabs by Stone Italiana. The modern basin and wall cladding in this variation of neon green create a lively and refreshing interior, the result of relentless research on materials and experimentation on colour, texture and grain size. This bespoke project lays the […]

Milan Showroom

It is in Milan that the latest trends in fashion, communications, design and architecture appear and thrive. Innovation and personality take the stage, on the streets, in offices, and in contemporary society interiors. And it was in Milan that Stone Italiana created this showroom, sited a short walk from the Cathedral, using the Materia collection. […]