Cucina open space

Una cucina in area mansarda, nell’ambito di una ristrutturazione di un’unità monofamiliare a Maranello, in provincia di Modena. Un open space composto da un’area pranzo con un grande tavolo da venti posti, zona bar, camino e cucina per settanta metri quadri totali. Lo stile è un peculiare incrocio tra uno shabby chic con elementi in […]

Beautiful, virtuous, Cosmolite®: the environmentally responsible kitchen

There exists a pairing so perfect and so dear to the ancient Greeks that in the single expression kalòs kai agathòs encompasses two pure ideals: that of the beautiful and that of the virtuous. While the Hellenic people used the term to describe a virtuous person, nowadays it could be used in reference to the […]

Kitchen in Terrazzo Grey from Stone Italiana

Terrazzo in the kitchen is back as a protagonist in furniture, accessories and design accessories, as well as in the surfaces (vertical and horizontal). Extremely versatile in terms of colour palette, its irregular pattern makes it suitable for modern or more traditional projects. The large Terrazzo quartz slabs made by Stone Italiana increase the creative […]

Onyx Bathroom London

Surfaces by Stone Italiana were chosen to enhance a luxurious, sophisticated bathroom in London, combining the onyx of the porcelain stoneware Kerit range with the Stonit quartz of theMicro collection . The design solution is a tribute to the material and its elegance, with an alternation between marble-effect Calacatta stoneware and the onyx inserts in […]

Kitchen interior in Cosmolite® Mint

In the home environment, the kitchen symbolizes conviviality and represents the meeting place for families, especially in the Italian tradition, an intimate setting providing a place of refuge from the modern pace of life. Designing the appearance of this room therefore becomes imperative for the entire style of the home – with a focus on […]

A green kitchen in Cosmolite®

Elegant and functional, and now sustainable: the kitchen takes inspiration from contemporary architectural trends without sacrificing comfort, space, ease of movement and a choice of materials made with sensitivity to the environment and the health of those who create and process them. Designed to furnish a private residence in the Verona area, this kitchen project […]