Ariane Tower

tour ariane: progetto dell'architetto Petra

Tour Ariane (Ariane Tower) is a commercial skyscraper that rises high above the rooftops of La Défense, Paris’ financial district. 152 meters in height with 36 floors, the tower building has an original cladding that is mirrored, in terms of uniqueness and differentiation, by the finish in the large entrance hall. It is here that […]


reception: design per alberghi

The secrets of a reception area? Comfort, warmth, personality. That’s why the Materia collection in engineered quartz, so-called for its enhanced material content providing a highly tactile “sensorial experience” and giving the architect unlimited creative possibilities, proved to be ideal for the floors and wall cladding in this lobby. Character and functional efficiency are combined […]

Refrigerated wine cellar

cantina: mobili vini

In certain locations, the pleasure of the table is combined with sophisticated interiors. A good example is provided by this exclusive wine store in the heart of New York which presents a wide range of wines, liqueurs and spirits. Curated by Ukrainian designer Alena de Ploti for the Wonder Works Construction Corporation, the wine store […]

Riccio Table

tavolo riccio: dettagli arredamento

A good example of this revisited idiom can be found in the Riccio (hedgehog) Table, thus named for its legs made from the metal rods used for reinforced concrete, which, seen together, recall the animal’s spines. In the collaboration with designer Arturo Montanelli from the Ardea Design Studio , the engineered quartz used in the […]