Udesign bathroom

Udesign bathroom

The bespoke bathroom

UDESIGN Bathroom is the line of quartz accessories that completes Stone Italiana’s surfacing products for the bathroom with accessories coordinated in terms of color and materials. The various washbasin models are in quartz, designed exclusively by Stone Italiana and manufactured by molding. They are very strong and can be integrated into the vanity top, as in the IN models, or surface-mounted, in the case of the UP models.

They are all made using the same material, in the same shades and with the same specifications for which Stone Italiana quartz has attained widespread recognition and success in the area of surface cladding design.

The UP collection

The UP collection comprises surface-mounted washbasins. They are objects that can be combined with coordinated quartz vanity tops or other furnishing accessories for a personalized design style. The modern design shapes, along with the infinite range of hues and finishes, enable you to personalize the bathroom interior’s color and style.

The IN collection

The IN collection is hallmarked by the continuity of vanity top and basin, sharing the same color and finish. The raw materials used to make the basin are the same as in the quartz vanity top, ensuring a harmony between washbasin and top, in addition to providing technical specifications of scratch resistance and impermeability identical to the quartz slabs. In addition, the excellent finish ensures seamless joints, and the integrated top’s size and shape can be customized to order.

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