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Four different collections, multiple colour options, 100% recycled aggregates: Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® tiles await you at Milan Design Week,  in the 5Vie Art+Design District,  as part of an event dedicated to green design.

Zimella (VR), 6 June 2022 – “Sustainability can also come from small, everyday gestures” is the mantra we have been hearing for years. A sentiment, a thought, and a new ideal, that can – and must  – be turned into an opportunity, by making conscious choices when buying interior design items and materials for our homes. These form the underlying theme  of the “Per aspera ad Astra” event, curated by Lorenzo Palmeri, in which a vision of environmental sensitivity is expressed through  the objects of everyday life within spaces that invite people to gather. 

With this in mind, Stone Italiana is participating in the Milan Fuorisalone, i.e. the fringe events in the Milan design week, with a happening in the temporary showroom located  the 5Vie District, at via degli Arcimboldi 5, which looks at conviviality from a environmentally responsible perspective. 

The venue – “PizzaBio” restaurant – will be used to demonstrate, in a practical way, just how these small gestures and actions can be used to make significant changes unhindered by pre-existing structures and elements. 

The star of the show  will be the company’s signature product, which shows how design can become an opportunity to experience innovation in a sustainable way.

After two years of research and experimentation in the lab, the Verona-based company has entrusted its latest creation with the responsibility of pushing the world of architecture and interior design towards unexplored horizons, by showcasing a totally new material as part of the Fuorisalone  events, a material made entirely of pre-consumer recycled aggregates. 

The road to sustainability exists and, after introducing green products and certifications that demonstrate the company’s ability to do business sustainably, Stone Italiana is already some way down that road. 

Cosmolite®,Stone Italiana’s new material, is set to steal the spotlight at “Per aspera ad astra”, the event curated by Lorenzo Palmeri as part of the  Milan Design Week, during which Stone Italiana will be exhibiting in its temporary showroom at PizzaBio. 

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