Beautiful, virtuous, Cosmolite®: the environmentally responsible kitchen

There exists a pairing so perfect and so dear to the ancient Greeks that in the single expression kalòs kai agathòs encompasses two pure ideals: that of the beautiful and that of the virtuous. While the Hellenic people used the term to describe a virtuous person, nowadays it could be used in reference to the […]

Boutique Hotel in Switzerland

top bagno stone italiana per boutique hotel

Modern, sustainable and very chic. Valsana Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland, offers its guests a full immersion in nature, welcoming them with luxury rooms furnished in modern style, or in mini-apartments complete with independent kitchen. A boutique hotel set in the authentic landscape of the Grison mountains, the venue has received “Green Globe” certification of its […]

Cosmolite® total look in the kitchen interior

brindisi: ambiente cucina Cosmolite

The morning always begins with a bubbling mocha, a pot of Italian Espresso coffee. Its aroma wafts throughout the room as water simmers on the hob built into the Stone Italiana kitchen worktop, made in Cosmolite®. This innovative, high-tech slab is manufactured using 100% recycled materials, designed to offer new vistas of appearance and content […]

Furniture store in Iceland

negozio di arredi in islanda

Set on the Atlantic coast, Reykjavik is the capital and largest city ofIceland. Here, Stone Italiana can be found inside a modern interior design and gift boutique, where Stone Italiana has brought the high technology of its quartz slabs. These products thus once again become ambassadors of the visual and functional quality of Italian-Made design. […]

Bagno Moderno Beige

Arredare l’ambiente bagno impiegando le nuance beige consente di trasmettere con un semplice colore luminosità ed eleganza, pur mantenendo uno stile moderno.  Ma è possibile arredare con un unico colore senza rendere l’ambiente troppo monotono? Un ambiente, anche rivestito di un unico colore, può essere vivace se si gioca con i formati e soprattutto con […]

Maison Longchamp

Maison Longchamp

Maison Longchamp has been synonymous with artisanal expertise since 1948. From Paris to global distribution, expert and patient leather crafting is performed using ingenious techniques to express personality, emotion and experience with each and every product. This heritage of manual production is now a distinctive mark of quality in luxury leather goods, something that also […]