SUPERNOVA is the new Stone Italiana’s Collection that boasts high technical performances thanks to a rigorous selection of raw materials and a careful control of the supply chain.

Due to its composition – pure, selected raw materials and a residue of crystalline silica equal to or less than 5% – SUPERNOVA is resistant to impacts, scratches and abrasions, as well as thermal shocks. Hygienically tested and easy to clean, its surfaces do not allow stains and odors to affect them: they are ideal for those who like to share convivial or working moments in the kitchen, in a restaurant or in a workspace, without worrying about the dirt generated.

SUPERNOVA broadens the horizons of the world of surfaces, offering the market a performing line not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of environmental and social responsibility, mainly thanks to the selection of raw materials and the control of the supply chain.

This creates “good” surfaces for people and the environment.

Laboratory tests, which confirm the presence of a maximum content of 5% of residual silica, demonstrate this important milestone in terms of social responsibility: the minimum percentage makes the surface even safer during processing, a fundamental plus for the health of workers.

An aesthetic choice in line with current trends, which prefer for 2024 the total-white, not only as a symbol of elegance but also a clear symbol of health, determined by the controlled selection of source materials.

To date, the Collection is available in ten different white variants including Biancobase, Candido_SNV, Superbianco – the whitest white – and the cloudy whites, with or without through veins: Nuvola White, Nuvola Brown, Aravenis IceAravenis Brown and Cimbro_SNV.

Neutral pastel colours such as Basic_SNV and Sabbiamarina_SNV complete the palette.

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