a company that values


“Please go ahead”: this is what the people at Stone Italiana always hear when they have ideas to propose or discuss. Without these people, and their enthusiasm, the company cannot go… “ahead”.

Being part of Stone Italiana means being part of a family in which there is always room for discussion.

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A company that values


Stone Italiana is a company that believes in the tradition of Made in Italy,in artisanal skill and attention to detail, for products that export “Italian style” all over the world. A vocation for innovation and discovery, powered by personal, professional and entrepreneurial curiosity, has led us to develop and implement state-of-the-art solutions
from the late 1970s on.

A company that values


Our history leaves no doubt: in 1979 Stone Italiana was the first company in the world to manufacture engineered marble slabs, and our products are themselves a demonstration of our sustainability. Today we use the term circular economy, or upcycling, to describe the recovery of materials, their reuse, and making “new products from old”. These terms have become part of our internal vocabulary only recently, but in actual fact they have been a fundamental element of our identity for over 40 years. By means of these factors, we have been able to create products with a powerful environmental value, and we have grown, becoming a source of security and complete economic sustainability. In addition, we provide work for many families, the linchpin of social sustainability.


A company that values


Our constant vocation for innovation in technology and other areas has brought us to state-of-the-art solutions that enable us to work more efficiently, consume less and achieve a higher productivity, by means of a special finishing line and another plant for the production of semi-finished products, both of our own design. Such innovations have effects on production, and also lead to environmental and economic benefits, with notable energy savings.

These are aspects that hallmark our work and take form in our daily activities, in our ideas and designs, and in Stone Italiana’s branded products.

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