The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of Cosmolite®

The answer to a question, the search for a signal, a moment of contact with the universe: what lies behind the simple act of gazing at the stars? What is it that induces people to watch those tiny luminous specks that decorate the world right above our heads? Astronomer Carl Sagan said , “We have begun to understand our origins: we are star stuff, meditating on the stars”. This phrase could be the perfect description of why Stone Italiana has looked up to the starry sky and turned it into an innovative design product with fascinating appeal: Cosmolite®.

The system of high-tech slabs, designed to open up new scenarios of visual appearance and content in the design world, offers a new way of experiencing surfaces, moving towards unexplored horizons and universes. Amidst innovative technology and colours, Cosmolite® brings architecture a solution that recalls the beauty of the cosmos and the functional efficiency required in daily life.

We are made of the same stuff… recycled!

Consisting entirely of non-quartz pre-consumer recycled inert materials, these Cosmolite® surfaces offer a unique visual effect and excellent workability, in addition to high levels of hygiene. A new, intriguing material, that can reduce environmental impact and contribute to industrial renewal. In fact, while Cosmolite® enhances and ennobles recycled products, inserting them into a new manufacturing process, it also offers an exclusive “quartz-free” formula, in compliance with sustainable architecture.

Technology and respect for the environment are two of the factors that led to the creation of Cosmolite®, within which three fundamental themes coexist: environmental performance (contributing to the creation of a circular economy in which the product to be recycled is enhanced and ennobled through inclusion in a new industrial process), industrial innovation (based on an exclusive formula) and design (the use of new materials makes it possible to create intriguing and exciting visual effects).

Stone Italiana is committed to manufacturing and operating in harmony with Nature, while also endeavouring to create products in compliance with the principles of beauty and originality that hallmark Italian enterprise. The new material Cosmolite® is a perfect reflection of this corporate philosophy. Its Carbon Footprint declaration reveals that its environmental impact is almost 45% less than other products in the industry.

Available in four different collections, these slabs are ideal for all those extensive surfaces in which a powerful environmental sensitivity can be perceived. Let’s take a look at them!

The Milky Way of Design: Cosmo

With its characteristic “speckled” texture, the Cosmo collection transports the spaces in which it is installed into a galactic dimension, amidst the planets and the Milky Way, in a Universe of new materials, dedicated to all those who look to the future.

The three colours Cosmo, Mint, and Astro evoke the beauty of distant planets in shades ranging from black to soft green, enhanced by the patterns distributed on the surface.

Like a meteor that flashes past but leaves a very long trail: the Meteor collection

Dark, Ice, Cold, Light: four pale colours that recreate a stone effect, for minimalist interiors of timeless charm. From bolder shades to soft, delicate textures, Meteor provides surface decoration for interior design schemes, hallmarked by essential physical characteristics such as resistance to scratching, stains, and infiltration by liquids.

Planet Earth calls Planet!

Designed to meet the need for functional and trendy furniture, Planet offers an ideal surface for kitchen tops or bathroom vanity tops. Available in three colours and two finishes, the collection evokes the magma of the planets, with very contemporary and graded tones, in a product possessing a powerful visual aesthetic and refined technical performance.

The new Cosmolite® star: K-Star

Cosmolite®’s “walk of fame” is enhanced by a new sustainable and accessible material: the K-Star collection. Its texture, with a slightly larger grain size than other collections, is widely used for furnishing accessories such as kitchen worksurfaces, bathroom vanity tops, cabinets and doors.

Its palette of 4 shades includes a hint of colour with Stargreen, which complements, with its greenish hue, a range of more neutral shades, ideal for discreet design projects that nonetheless possess a timeless appeal.

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