The industrial style: how to have a corner of New York directly in your home

The industrial style, which developed in New York in the 1950s, is derived from the conversion of disused spaces such as factories and offices, giving them the new function of dwelling spaces for contemporary living. From its origins on the East Coast of the United States, this style is still one of the most popular design expressions in the world of interiors, in part due to the echoes and recognition it has had over the years. Just think of Andy Warhol’s famous Factory, which became a world-renowned symbol of the industrial style during the years when Pop Art was enjoying widespread success.

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The foundations of industrial style: colour in an urban mood

But how is the industrial style given form? By the range of colours that perfectly express the trend! Colours ideal for the industrial style are the hues inspired by urban settings and recalling the look of British suburbs with their characteristic brick-clad houses, alongside industrial sheds with exposed trusses and piping, and featuring materials such as metal, natural-finish wood or concrete.

So the theme is about natural colours, very often shades ranging from neutral tones recalling the colours of concrete, and the palette of greys, right through to dark colours such as brown or black. The goal is to find a balance between modern and classic, design and functionality, because these are all characteristics of the industrial style.

Get the Stone Look! The Stone Italiana palette

Colour, colour, nothing but colour. Inspired by a famous Italian song, Stone Italiana offers a response to the industrial style’s visual and design traits by means of a colour range that meets requirements and preferences to perfection, bringing this popular, highly-coveted style into reality.

Although they may appear to be a rather monotonous palette, Stone Italiana’s greys take on an infinity of shades, ranging from classic cement grey to off-white, mist-colour, stone-colour, and even including greys that tend towards colour, such as Verde Silver (Silver Green) and Elephant Grey. Then there are greys that can take on different tonal appearances according to how they are combined, such as Greige which can be thought of as a warm grey or a cool beige.

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Even shades of brown, used to the correct degree, can mirror the industrial style, giving extra warmth to surfaces and conveying a welcoming atmosphere to any interior. Stone Italiana’s various shades of brown combined with steel, concrete and rust tints can create a tough-looking space while retaining an appropriately sophisticated taste.

By way of conclusion, we can say that the trick for creating a truly effective industrial look lies in the ability to use the colour scale in order to give rise to a space expressing an urban mood while always mirroring the soul of the people who live there.

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